Quality & Approval

AgustaWestland Supplier Quality Assurance (SQA) is an integrated department that has developed and  implemented supplier initial evaluation and re-evaluation processes based on perceived   industry best practice.


SQA’s main responsibilities include:

  • Provision of specialist Quality input to the AgustaWestland Supplier Selection Process.
  • Evaluation of all new suppliers of products, software and aerospace services ensuring the Supplier’s Quality Management System is compliant with AgustaWestland requirements.
  • Re-evaluation of suppliers of products, software and aerospace services (in conjunction with AgustaWestland Supply Chain Engineering) ensuring supplier’s have the capability to maintain compliance with AgustaWestland requirements.
  • Maintenance of the AgustaWestland Approved Supplier Database.
  • Provision of supporting Quality documentation to the AgustaWestland global supplier base.