Leonardo's purchase structure includes Leonardo Global Solutions and the Procurement Business Units of the divisions.
Leonardo Global Solutions manages indirect and shareable purchases, while the Procurement Business Unit of each  division manages procurements for its own products.
Through its Purchase structure, Leonardo Global Solutions specializes in identifying, developing and managing purchasing solutions that improve business results through rationalization of non-strategic costs.
LGS operates at the Group level overseeing the following areas:

  • indirect purchases
  • shareable direct purchases
  • purchase services

LGS oversees the entire procurement process for non-core product categories (goods and services not directly related to Finmeccanica products) through the management of the entire purchasing process, from the collection and standardization of the requirement, to the publication of calls for tender, negotiation, supplier selection, contracting and even accounts payable in a few specific cases.

At the operational level, indirect purchases are managed according to the category management logic. Teams specialized in indirect commodity areas manage the different stages of the negotiation process, from industry analysis to market scouting and testing, determining and standardizing the purchasing needs of Leonardo companies/divisions and negotiating and contracting with suppliers.

The main product categories are as follows:


  • communications, events and travel (communications, events, relations, business travel, credit cards, long term car rental, fuel cards);
  • ICT purchases (hardware, software, telecommunications and ICT services);
  • energy (electricity, gas, support to energy efficiency projects);
  • supplies and services (office supplies, measuring tools, PPE and workwear, physical security systems, temporary employment, training, payroll, professional services, consulting);
  • facility management (security, reception, cleaning and green areas, company canteen and catering, waste disposal, porterage, company doctor and nurses);
  • real estate (extensions, extraordinary maintenance, routine maintenance of general installations and buildings, land reclamation and environmental audits, support to the management of real estate assets).


As regards shareable direct product categories (categories featuring elements that can be shared among Companies/Divisions of the Group, such as industrial components in the catalogue), LGS determines needs, defines procurement policies and activates and coordinates efficiency initiatives working in close collaboration with the Companies/Divisions of the Group.
At the operational level, LGS operates on direct purchases by combining the ability to concentrate significant purchase volumes with the commodity expertise acquired at Group level, which includes Direct Purchases, leading to the development of framework agreements that can respond effectively to the procurement needs of Leonardo's companies/divisions.

LGS purchase support services contribute to the overall improvement of business results by streamlining the management of purchasing processes through the use of innovative technologies.

LGS has developed a plan to develop its purchase services, with the purpose of supporting LGS Group purchasing organization activities and, at the same time, providing common services for the management of procurement processes carried out by the Companies/Divisions of the Group, maximizing operational efficiency and effectiveness objectives while also increasing visibility and control of purchasing processes.

In this context, LGS promotes the following purchase services within Leonardo:
This service supports the management of electronic tenders, with the objective of maximizing the effectiveness of the negotiating process and, at the same time, enabling traceability and compliance with company procedures and regulations.

The goal is to maximize the operational efficiency and effectiveness of the purchasing department and to ensure compliance with contracts and established purchasing policies, including through paperless processes.

The e-catalogue service supports the operational process for recurrent low unit value purchases, managed through a pre-negotiated framework agreement. The service includes the electronic management of purchase orders and, in some specific cases, goods receipt and invoicing processes.
This service supports supplier lifecycle management from initial application to LGS pre-qualification and qualification and subsequent performance evaluation steps.

This service improves competition between potential suppliers and ensures that all supplier relationship stages are handled with transparency, traceability and speed of administrative action.

The goal is to expand the supply market, its dynamics and players, while introducing selective filters to set up a Register of Suppliers and performing periodic checks on active suppliers.
This service is being extended to the divisions for the realization of Leonardo's SINGLE REGISTER OF SUPPLIERS.