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Military aircraft fleets are supported via our secure WingMan Portal and its suite of services that deliver the following functionality:


Information Centre - a shared data working environment: making vital information available between Customers and Helicopters Division to support both Operators and Maintainers.


Electronic Spares Ordering System - facility to allow Customers to order aircraft spares online.


Data Mining Tool - to provide user-friendly graphical representations of Maintenance and Health & Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) data. With information flowing from operator to vendor, all parties can use our Data Mining Tool as a decision-support tool based upon a common data set.


Fleet Planning Tool - providing a multi-user environment to manage the planning of operational and maintenance activities for multiple aircraft fleets, to ensure the efficient use of available flying hours and the timely transfer of aircraft from operations to depth maintenance.


Technical Query Tool - facility to allow Customers to log technical queries relating to their fleets with Helicopters Division.