Market Abuse

Privileged information

In order to ensure maximum correctness in the management and disclosure of corporate information, and in compliance with the provisions of the Corporate Governance Code, Company’s Board of Directors has adopted a specific Procedure for Privileged and Confidential Information which aims to regulate the internal management and disclosure to the public of documents and information on the Company, particularly with regard to privileged information.


“Privileged information” is defined (in accordance with Article 181 of Consolidated Act no. 58/1998) as any information of specific nature that has not yet been made public and which regards one or more issuers of financial instruments or one or more financial instruments, and which - if made public - could significantly affect the price of these financial instruments.


The Procedure defines the obligations and principles of conduct, roles and responsibilities concerning privileged and confidential information on Leonardo SpA and its Subsidiaries, in particular with reference to their disclosure to the public. The Procedure also contains specific provisions on confidentiality obligations applicable to members of Corporate Bodies as well as to Company’s employees and external consultants.

Register of persons who have access to privileged information

In compliance with currently applicable rules and regulations (Article 115-bis, Consolidated Act no. 58/1998; Article 152-bis et seq. of the Issuers’ Regulations), the Company has proceeded with creating a specific Register of persons who - given their working or professional activities, or the tasks performed - have regular or occasional access to privileged information, and updates this information.


With regard to the above, the Company has also proceeded with issuing a specific Procedure  on the management of the Registry.


  Procedure for Privileged and Confidential Information

  Procedure Register of Persons who have access to Inside Information