Name and Surname Role
Giovanni De Gennaro (1) Chairman
Mauro Moretti (1) Chief Executive Officer and General Manager
Guido Alpa (1) Director (Independent)
Marina Elvira Calderone (1) Director (Independent)
Paolo Cantarella (2) Director (Independent) and Lead Independent Director
Marta Dassù (1) Director (Independent)
Alessandro De Nicola (1) Director (Independent)
Dario Frigerio (2) Director (Independent)
Fabrizio Landi (1) Director (Independent)
Silvia Merlo (2) Director (Independent)
Marina Rubini (2) Director (Independent)

Updated 15 May 2014

(1) Directors appointed from the majority list submitted by the Ministry of Economy and
Finance, holding around 30.204% of the share capital.

(2) Directors appointed from a minority list submitted by a group of asset management companies
and institutional investors, holding around an overall share of 1.427% of the share capital.