Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee is currently composed of 4 non-executive Directors all “independent”.

The specific activities of the Committee include, amongst other tasks: the formulation of proposals to the Board of Directors in relation to the definition of the Company’s policy on remuneration of directors and executives with strategic responsibilities; periodical assessment of the appropriateness, consistency and application of the aforementioned policy; determination of the remuneration of Directors with proxies and of other Directors that hold specific offices; activities supporting the Company in defining policies for managing the managerial resources of the Group.

The activities of the Committee are governed by specific Regulations that are approved by the Board of Directors.


updated September 2016


Remuneration Committee Members
Dario Frigerio (Chairman, independent)
Marina Elvira Calderone (independent)
Alessandro De Nicola (independent)
Marina Rubini (independent)



  Rules of the Remuneration Committee