Stakeholders and Materiality

Leonardo’s business strategy and the economic, social and environmental impacts generated by business activities have an effect on stakeholders’ expectations and on how the company is perceived externally and internally. To ensure reciprocity, stakeholders can influence the company’s reputation and, directly and indirectly, the availability of financial, industrial, technical and human resources to the company. 


Consequently, stakeholders are an essential reference point in defining Leonardo’s significant aspects and their interests and legitimate expectations, included and implemented through a materiality analysis, were used to identify the issues covered by the 2015 Sustainability and Innovation Report.


Above all, the analysis shows stakeholders’ expectations and Leonardo’s commitment to responsible and transparent business conduct, with particular focus on the prevention of corruption, and the development of a strategy to achieve long-term business sustainability.


Other sustainability issues related to the evolution of the situation and global scenarios, including the development of top performing, efficient and safe and multiple-use products and solutions throughout the entire life cycle and countering cyber threats, are in addition to the above priorities, along with other sector-critical issues which Leonardo intends to exploit to consolidate its overall positioning.



Key actions and results achieved in 2015:


Responsible Business

  • Leonardo does not produce or sell light weapons (rifles, pistols and similar guns) or controversial weapons (land mines, anti-personnel mines, cluster munitions and biological, chemical and nuclear weapons).
  • Requiring compliance with the Charter of Values and the Code of Ethics from company officers and employees, partners, suppliers and all parties operating in the interests of the Leonardo.
  • Adoption of the guidelines for advisors and business promoters

Governance & Compliance

  • New Organisational and Operating Model (One Company)
  • Preparation and approval of the new 231 model


  • Preparation of the Sustainability and innovation report
  • Inclusion in the Dow Jones Sustainability World and Europe indexes
  • Carbon Disclosure Project participation 
  • Engagement with SRI and ESG rating agencies
  • Transparency International rating improved to “B”
  • Adoption of the new Regulation on managing negotiations

Prevention of corruption

  • Adoption and circulation of the Anti-corruption code
  • Setting up the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Committee 
  • Consolidation of the whistleblowing system 
  • Launch of anti-corruption training activities
  • Adoption of the guidelines for advisors and business promoters

Business Strategy

  • Industrial Plan updating 
  • Focus on the A, D&S sector and transformation from a holding company managing different legally separate companies into a One Company

Economic value generated

  • Share price up 67% in 2015
  • EBITA up 23%, RoS up 1.6 p.p., profit for the year x26, ordinary profit for the year x17 and FOCF up 372%
  • Debt/equity ratio down from 1.03 to 0.76
  • Credit rating with stable outlook

Risk Management

  • Risk management centralisation and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) model implementation
  • Setting up a single company framework for project/contract risk management
  • Strengthening and expanding business risk culture
  • TERRA - Tool for evaluating risks & response actions, a new IT tool common to all divisions

Multiple Use

  • Product portfolio’s increased versatility and flexibility in various sectors (e.g., helicopters, geo-information technologies)

Cyber Security

  • Potenziamento Centri di rilevamento di minacce informatiche 
  • Iniziative di sensibilizzazione e formazione per la mitigazione del rischio cyber e information security


  • Strengthening and consolidating intellectual property management 
  • Adoption of a new technology governance and innovation model 
  • Innovation award open to universities and independent research centres

Enhancing human capital

  • Revision of the key management and development processes
  • Project to enhance high-potential resources 
  • 2016 best employer award (pertaining to 2015)

Supply chain management

  • Adoption of the new Regulation on managing negotiations
  • Setting up the Central purchasing commission 
  • Revision of purchase and supply processes and rules

Health and safety in the work place

  • Compliance with labour regulations applicable in each country and international ILO treaties on workers’ freedom of association, child and forced labour, discrimination in the workplace and human rights
  • Inclusion of screening procedures in the suppliers’ pre-qualification process, covering health and safety and human rights protection
  • Increase in health and safety management system sites
  • Reduction of accident indexes 
  • New One Company agreement for Italian employees

Product Safety, Security and Quality

  • Product certificates and approvals based on customers’ and relevant authorities’ requirements
  • Training and customer assistance 

Relationships with stakeholders

  • See the table Main tools and dialogue with stakeholders 

Investments and relationship with the community

  • Projects related to scientific matters (Science, technology, engineering and maths – STEM)
  • Responsible canteen programme
  • Sponsorships and projects to promote cultural activities

Product Stewardship and Lifecycle

  • Integrated offer of products, solutions and services
  • Development of the Think as a customer approach
  • Strengthening Product life cycle architectures in product development


  • Participation in Clean Sky, SESAR global programmes
  • Development of innovative solutions to mitigate the environmental impact on products

Environmental responsibility

  • Adoption of new procedures governing environmental audits and operational controls over environmental aspects and requirements 
  • Implementation of a Periodical environmental risk review (PERR)
  • Increasing Environmental management systems at facilities (SGA)
  • Launch of the SPA 2.0 project
  • Environmental workshop