The materials themes help to identify the most important areas of integration between ESG factors and key guidelines of the Industrial Plan. In these areas, strongly related to the operational and industrial processes, guidelines and priorities of sustainability are declined.


The materials themes are updated and evaluated periodically, starting from the analysis of changes undertaken in the external environment, at a level of industry macro scenarios, technological and market trends, evolution of regulations that have an impact on the business.





Responsible investors are increasingly important

1,400 signatories who manage investments worth USD59 trillion. These are the figures of the initiative launched by the UN to promote the six Principles for  Responsible Investment, including institutional investors who hold approximately 20% of Leonardo share capital.

Specifically, the second principle “incorporates ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) into our ownership policies and practices”.


Growing demand for companies  accountability 

The EU directive “Non-financial and diversity information” also came into force in Italy. Under this directive, large companies/groups are now required to disclose non-financial information about the policies, risks and results on social and environmental issues and those related to the respect for human rights, anti-corruption and gender diversity in boards of directors.


Re-launching the global agenda  of sustainable development

Fighting climate change, resilience of cities and infrastructures and conservation of terrestrial and marine and ecosystems are among the 17 goals (Sustainable Development Goals) to be met by 2030 by the 193 countries members of the United Nations.