Letter to stakeholders

Letter to stakeholders

Dear Stakeholders,


year 2015 was a watershed moment for Leonardo-Finmeccanica, strategically and organisationally as well as economically and financially, with the first challenging goals set in the Industrial Plan having been fully achieved. The first of these goals accomplished have been the major focus on Aerospace, Defence and Security, the adoption of the new organisational and operational model with the starting up of the One Company and the achievement of growing results beyond expectation.


In light of these changes, we decided to redefine our identity as well, by proposing to our shareholders changing the name of the One Company to Leonardo, accomplishing another significant step in our transformation process.


With Leonardo, a name that represents the roots of our history and the sense of our future, we present this new edition of the “Sustainability and Innovation Report”, also with a new name and a new way to narrate and account for our approach to sustainable development.


With this publication, we provide full evidence of the changes happening within the One Company, strengthening our idea of sustainability and redefining our way of interpreting long term prospects while defining our corporate culture by illustrating real life cases of sustainability integrated in our products, technologies and, most of all, patterns of behaviour.


We are committed to absolute excellence in managing all the elements that combine responsible development with competitiveness, providing effective answers to our customers’ security needs along with the efficient use of resources and containment of the environmental impact. To do this, it is essential that we continue to develop our innovation network, so that it may effectively imagine and interpret the future, and that we be even more capable of systematising the skills, technologies and abilities of our industrial production chains.


The One Company is a fundamental driver of this process: the unification of rules and procedures will strengthen our effectiveness and transparency and the sharing of resources and technologies will allow us to concentrate our efforts and investments. We will be able to work more closely with our customers and to do more with less resources.


The results of our actions are visible in the confirmation of the Leonardo-Finmeccanica stock in the most prestigious sustainability indexes and promotion from category C to B by Transparency International in the Defence Companies Anti-Corruption Index. This recognition rewards our commitment to management based on responsible patterns of behaviour and contributes to giving a positive boost to the whole country as part of efforts to prevent and combat corruption, confirming our role as a strategic asset for Italy.


This year, thanks to our people, we were at the forefront in many areas.


At EXPO 2015, we showed the whole world not only the most advanced earth observation technologies for support to agriculture and forestry and for monitoring the environment, fisheries and maritime traffic, but also our capabilities to manage and protect critical infrastructure and our expertise in robotic systems and surveillance drones.


By participating in European aeronautics and space research programmes, we confirmed our commitment to the future development of mobility, with lower consumption and emissions, in line with the climate change objectives defined in the COP21.


We supplied our customers with multiple cybersecurity services, including one of the most important programmes ever carried out outside of the United States, managing sensitive data though one of the world’s most advanced centres of excellence.


By extending the Leonardo-Finmeccanica Innovation Award to students, new graduates and PhD students, we strengthened the ties between academia and industry and put young people in contact with technological research.


We redefined goals and priorities and designed new development plans to present to the world an integrated industrial company technologically advanced and focused on the skills required by the global dynamics.


We are doing our best and we believe that this, together with respect for the principles of transparency and integrity and of good business practices, creates value for all the stakeholders and guarantees that our Company will be here for a long time to come.


Giovanni De Gennaro                                                       Mauro Moretti
Chairman                                                                          CEO and General Manager