Innovation and Competitiveness

The ability to innovate, a long-standing competitive tool and critical factor for business sustainability


The ability to innovate is a launch pad, the desire to imagine and plan the future through the present, to be forward-thinking and venture into unexplored spaces. In this way, Leonardo nourishes and enhances the value of its technological and human resources to compete to international markets and generate significant effects for sustainable development with its innovation.


Technological innovation at Leonardo is born from ongoing interaction between various players and stakeholders in different contexts and pathways. The Company’s technical resources interact with each other and form a network open to customers, the world of research, suppliers and technological and industrial partners.


In order to make the technological development model more efficient, via the network’s central coordination, the new One Company focuses the scope of research and development activities on specific technological fields and the excellences of the areas where it operates. It specifically prioritises platforms, systems, sensors, services and integration skills to create solutions aimed at different customer needs, including with regard to multiple-use.