Towards Horizon 2020

The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, Horizon 2020 is the key tool for reaching the goals set in the Europe 2020 Strategy. The priorities of such strategy is smart, sustainable growth via an economy developed based on knowledge and innovation. Leonardo actively participates in the programme in accordance with the technological priorities of its sectors.


Clean Sky and Clean Sky 2


Clean Sky is a programme for the development of break-through innovative technologies in order to cut CO2 emissions by 40%, NOx by 60% and aircraft noise by 20 decibels, in accordance with the objectives set by ACARE. 


Clean Sky covers large components and systems, while the subsequent stage, called Clean Sky 2, encompasses technologies to be integrated into complete systems and aircraft platforms, enabling significant measured changes in environmental and economic performances and bringing crucial benefits to European industry’s competitiveness. 


For the aeronautics industry, Leonardo is in charge of developing activities linked to the Green Regional Aircraft designed to have low environmental impact all through its life, from the design stage to its withdrawal from the market and green recycling. 


Important results were reached in 2015, including the test flight of the ATR 72 flying demonstrator made with a composite panel that integrates innovative multifunctional material that reduces aircraft weight, fuel consumption and noise, thus slashing the airplane’s carbon footprint.