AW Family Helicopters

Flexibility, efficiency and innovation as competitive drivers


Some years ago AgustaWestland launched an important challenge to be the first helicopter manufacturer to introduce modular platforms common to various technologically-advanced products, the Family of Helicopters


Through the Product Family & Modularity Programme, AgustaWestland developed and implemented a product design and development approach based on advanced modularity and design-to-value methods, in order to achieve maximum affordability and value for customers.


Specifically, the aim of the Programme is to offer solid benefits to customers in terms of greater reliability and operating availability of the fleets at lower operating costs and to seek out more performing and technologically advanced solutions, also by involving external suppliers. This led to, inter alia, a significant reduction in weight without additional costs.


Efficiency, modularity and innovation are the pillars of sustainability and business competitiveness, along with expressing constant improvement in products and company reliability.


Different abilities, the same DNA


The AW Family was created from three parallel work streams: 

  • Optimising the “Family feeling” of the AW139, AW169 and AW189 helicopters; 
  • Streamlining and modular development of a broader range of kits;
  • Modular development of key helicopter systems and components. 


While covering a very wide range of sizes (from 4.5 tons with the AW169 to over 8 tons with the AW189), missions and configurations, the AW Family helicopters share the same design philosophies, enabling customers, end users, pilots and technicians to feel at home no matter which AW they are using. However, above all, they provide the best solutions in terms of efficiency, upholding the same basic approach with regard to performance, safety, training and support.