Leonardo at Expo 2015

For Leonardo, Expo 2015 has been a unique opportunity to associate its image to a large successful global event, ensuring its security and best management with sophisticated skills and systems and effectively participating in the discussion about hot topics and the identification of solutions for the sustainable development of the planet.

Thanks to Leonardo’s expertise in security systems and equipment supporting the management and protection of large events, the EXPO main operation centre operated without interruption for six months. 


The main operation centre used by the EXPO organisation was based on a sophisticated, versatile and highly customisable platform to manage security in complex scenarios, including large events, urban areas and critical infrastructures, and, consequently, applicable to other daily situations.


The operation centre provided security personnel with an immediate picture of the situation at the exhibition areas, through the coordination of video surveillance and video analysis systems, smoke detectors, emergency voice alarm systems with the public and TETRA-based secured communications for professional operators.


In addition to these systems, a 3D satellite cartographic representation of some areas of the exhibition site was created by e-GEOS (a JV between Telespazio and Agenzia Spaziale Italiana). This innovative representation, a true virtual experience in the area to be monitored, improved understanding of the scenario and offered a significant operational effectiveness in terms of security, with actions taking place promptly and reliably.