Our cultural heritage

Leonardo has made an essential contribution to Italy’s industrial growth, building an important and lasting legacy of high technology and skills which significantly contributed to historical brands achieving excellence and successfully competing at the international level. In Italy – where it was incorporated in 1948 under the name Finmeccanica – and in the countries in which it has built a widespread industrial presence over time, Leonardo has always been a driver of progress and modernisation of contemporary society, thanks to its ability to generate innovation in technology, economy and society. 

(Following Italy’s liberation, over 1,800 factory workers were rehired to our facility)

This industrial development and the territorial presence of our company have in turn generated a solid and widespread entrepreneurial culture that is deeply tied to the historical and social evolution of our country and has become one of its distinctive features: Leonardo was, at the same time, both witness and protagonist in the key moments of society transformation, as well as in the crucial economic turning points.

Due to its role, Leonardo has always devoted great attention to the many cultural expressions of the society in which it operates, being aware that the enterprise, alongside its industrial mission, has a wider and more complex role, which involves taking responsibility towards cultural and social expectations.

Leonardo has thus left an important mark on various initiatives dedicated to exchanges between the world of culture and the world of business: from museums to exhibitions that keep alive the memory of the roots of our know-how, to Foundations that cultivate relations between the world of business and society, with a constant commitment to scientific research and training as well as cultural and archival activities.