Inside information


In order to ensure maximum correctness in the management and disclosure of corporate information and in compliance with the provisions of the Corporate Governance Code, Company’s Board of Directors has long adopted a specific Procedure for Inside and Confidential Information which aims to regulate the internal management and disclosure to the public of documents and information about the Company, particularly with regard to inside information.

The Procedure defines the obligations and principles of conduct, roles and responsibilities concerning correct management and processing of inside and confidential information about Leonardo Spa and its Subsidiaries, with particular reference to their disclosure to the public. The text of the Procedure has been specifically updated in order to incorporate, in addition to supervening changes in the Company’s organizational structure, the modifications in the regulatory framework and the new contents of the European Regulation about Market Abuse (EU Regulation no. 596/2014).

Furthermore, the Company has also set up in compliance with currently applicable rules and regulations, and update, the specific List of persons who have access to inside information.

Updated January 2017

 Procedure for Inside and Confidential Information