Board of Statutory Auditors

The Board of Statutory Auditors, composed of five Standing Auditors and two Alternate Auditors, is appointed by the Shareholders’ Meeting on the basis of the "list voting” mechanism; it performs specific supervisory tasks that are required by law, particularly in relation to:

  1. compliance with the Law and the Articles of Association
  2. compliance with the proper management principles
  3. appropriateness and efficiency of the organisational structure as well as of the internal control and risk management system in addition to the administrative/accounting system of the Company
  4. modalities for effectively implementing the corporate governance rules pursuant to the Corporate Governance Code, which the Company has adopted
  5. appropriateness of the provisions given to subsidiaries, in accordance with the law.

The Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors is appointed by the Shareholders’ Meeting from amongst the Auditors elected by a minority.


Board of Statutory Auditors
Name and Surname Role
Riccardo Raul Bauer (2) Chairman
Niccolò Abriani  (2) Regulatory Statutory Auditor
Luigi Corsi  (1) Regulatory Statutory Auditor
Francesco Perrini  (1) Regulatory Statutory Auditor
Daniela Savi (1) Regulatory Statutory Auditor
Maria Teresa Cuomo  (1) Alternate Statutory Auditor
Stefano Fiorini (2) Alternate Statutory Auditor

Updated on 11 May 2015

(1) Statutory Auditors from the “majority list” submitted by the Ministry for the Economy and Finance, which holds 30.204% of the share capital;
(2) Statutory Auditors from a “minority list” submitted by a group of asset management companies and institutional investors, which hold an overall stake of about 1.346% of the share capital



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