An exclusive flight experience

An exclusive flight experience

Luxury and technology: this is the successful combination of a helicopter for private and executive transport missions, an aircraft able to meet the ever-increasing needs of private operators, business executives, and heads of state searching for a fast means to travel and advanced operational capabilities. Today, in fact, high performance, comfort and elegance, operational flexibility, high customisation level, safety and reliability, and ready and effective support are among the most important requirements.


Leonardo’s Excellence
Leonardo’s heritage in this market dates back to the early 1970s. The first product destined for this segment was the then A109, one of the Company’s best-sellers, which through technological developments has led  today to the AW109 GrandNew.  Leonardo is a world leader in this segment and can count  on the combination of a wide product range, a constant flow of innovation that guarantees the  development of new models and a global network of customer support and training centres.

Leonardo manufactures numerous helicopters configured for executive transport, including the aforementioned AW109 and GrandNew,  the AW169, the best-selling AW139, to the most recent AW189 and the three-engine AW101

The elevated capacity of customising helicopters destined to private and executive transport missions is one of the characteristics that contributes to the success of Leonardo’s helicopters in this specific market segment. And because it’s the details that make all the difference, in order to meet clients’ desires and requirements, we have a dedicated department that assists customers in choosing the interior and the finishing that better suits their requests and their tastes. The exterior livery is specifically designed to customers’ preferences. 


Innovation stories

Technologies for our customers


Total connectivity
Connectivity is an important feature of helicopters operating in private and executive transport missions that allows passengers to continue to use their personal devices while also in-flight. Furthermore, thanks to a satellite phone system passengers can always stay and be in touch. Flight maps, cruise information and external cameras are seamlessly integrated into the cabin entertainment system, thus allowing further customisation of passengers’ flight experience. Leonardo’s  latest generation helicopters are equipped with an air conditioning system, allowing for high comfort levels even in extreme climates.



The extensive global network of support centres guarantees customers  the technical assistance  they need to maintain the highest availability of their helicopters, which is a fundamental requirement for these missions. 

The unparalleled combination of Italian style and technological innovation makes  Leonardo’s helicopters the global benchmark for flight in perfect comfort and extraordinary safety.