Selex ES awarded €12M by UK MoD for ground breaking spares service

An Army Air Corps Apache attack helicopter takes off from HMS Illustrious. HMS Illustrious was joined by two Apache Attack Helicopters from 656 Squadron, Army Air Corps. They came out to the ship to carry out some deck landing practice. Their usual operating areas are over land, so it is a new experience for a lot of the aircrews to

Selex ES has been awarded a €12M (£10M) contract by the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) to provide a new type of availability service contract for the MoD’s Air Commodity Team. Under the contract the MoD will no longer have to order spare parts as and when they are needed, instead Selex ES will ensure that parts are there when they are required. 


“It’s a new smart approach to spares supply” said Stewart Miller, SVP of Support and Service Solutions at Selex ES. “Instead of waiting until parts are required and then providing them, we’re using advanced computer modelling to work out what parts the MoD will need, and when they’ll need them. It means we can pre-empt their requirements and deliver spares so that they’re available as soon as they become necessary.”


Under the new arrangement, Selex ES will model the requirements and automate the ‘buy schedule’ for delivery fulfillment by their procurement partner Astute Electronics Ltd. A proactive obsolescence management service is also included in the agreement. Covering 57 bases in the UK, the contract is the first of its kind to be put in place by the MoD’s Air Commodity team.



Rome 08/05/2014 15:20