TRP2 HD is a dual use UGV with outstanding mobility, speed, load capacity, ease of remote control and effectiveness of the onboard arm with high performance in various operational contexts.

Its modular and flexible architecture can interface sensors and payload of up to 150 kg while maintaining the vehicle’s characteristic mobility, thus making it particularly effective even in the most difficult missions.
TRP2 HD can integrate a range of robotic arms of varying sizes and operability according to the specific mission requirements.

Thanks to its particular patented track system, it can adapt to obstacles accompanying the platform in its movements and reaching a speed of over 10 km/h., it can also climb flights of steps, smooth inclines and obstacles.

The rapid doubling system for the tracks makes the platform effective also on muddy or desert terrains. Remote control operation is immediate and can be easily undertaken by non-expert operators thanks to intuitive commands, the use of innovative algorithm software and the particular spherical video camera included in the turret.

Techinical specifications