Selex ES shortlisted for the International TETRA awards 2014

Selex ES shortlisted for the International TETRA awards 2014

Selex ES, a Finmeccanica company, has been shortlisted for the International TETRA Awards 2014 which will be held in London on the 21st February. The nomination is for the company’s TETRA system which was developed for the World Cycling Championship 2013 held in Florence in September. The Selex ES solution played a key role in supporting the extraordinary security plan put in place by the Municipal Government in Florence, with the company creating a tailored network specifically for the World Cycling Championship. The system included an infrastructure that ensured optimal radio coverage; an operations centre deployed at the Civil Protection of the Province / City of Florence headquarters, which monitored the network, managed the communications of the working groups and located users throughout the event; 140 portable radio terminals, used by operators across the race course; an Integrated Mobile Security System (IMSS) designed and built by Selex ES to provide infrastructure support and management for operational activities. Selex ES experts at the event ensured operators received the necessary training and provided technical support for the duration of the event.


“Selex ES is proud to be a part of the International TETRA Awards, a challenging competition which brings together best-in-class providers within the TETRA world” said Andrea Pratesi, Senior Vice President of the Homeland Security and Critical Infrastructures Line of Business of the Security and Smart Systems division of Selex ES, adding: “The company is at the forefront of professional communications and has a rich heritage in the design and deployment of mission-critical network infrastructures as well as in professional communications innovation. Selex ES provides secure, integrated, reliable and interoperable multi-technology solutions to support the efficient operation of public safety and emergency services, civil protection agencies, transportation bodies, utilities and homeland security agencies”.


Based on the company’s experience in designing, implementing and operating TETRA networks for mission critical operations, Selex ES is now introducing PERSEUS, a family of products and sub-systems at three levels (Core Network, Command & Control and Terminal level). The PERSEUS family of products offers customers the ability to reliably combine different radio access technologies (such as TETRA, DMR, LTE, PSTN, 2G/3G) in a single network, helping to build next generation PMR (Professional Mobile radio) networks where call performance and security are critical. Selex ES’s experience in communication networks for public safety, defence and transport has allowed the company to create this interoperable solution.


Selex ES communication solutions worldwide

Selex ES’s communications solutions have been delivered to more than 50 countries for purposes ranging from oil & gas infrastructures protection to transports, law enforcement, major events. In one major export contract, Selex ES worked with its Russian partner Bermos to deliver a TETRA network to energy company Gazprom for activities linked with gas supplies to China and the Far East Russian Regions. Another contract saw Selex ES upgrading the existing TETRA network for the Singapore North East railway line.


Selex ES TETRA network is in operation in Italy, serving the five main Police Forces. The network is currently being expanded and, once completed, will provide mission critical voice and data services across whole Italy. Selex ES’s TETRA systems for law enforcement are also in use in a number of export countries including Argentina, Vietnam and Slovenia.


In several cases Selex ES’s TETRA systems have guaranteed secure communications during major events; amongst the most recent are the election of Pope Francis I in Saint Peter’s Square in Rome in 2013 and the ongoing Sochi 2014 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Russia. The latest event to benefit from Selex ES’s communications solutions will be the Milan Expo 2015, where a complete communication system comprising over 1200 terminals will provide secure voice communications and data transmission for security operators. Thanks to the PERSEUS and the integration of TETRA technology with an advanced 4th generation LTE network, broad-band applications will be supported.


Selex ES is also the first company to release an ATEX TETRA terminal for use in environments containing potentially-explosive gas and dust.


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