Telespazio at the forefront of the environmental monitoring

Telespazio at the forefront of the environmental monitoring

It have been two intense days for Telespazio in New York, where the company has distinguished itself for its front-line role in environmental monitoring.


In fact yesterday February 4th, Telespazio and the Italian Space Agency spoke at the "Health oceans and seas: a way forward" Forum, promoted by the United Nations to undertake concrete steps to protect the oceans and seas through technology. The event has allowed ASI and Telespazio to present to an audience of heads of state and government institutions and international organizations, environmental monitoring activities and applications in the field of geo-information developed by the subsidiary e-GEOS with the data of innovative Italian COSMO- SkyMed satellite constellation.


Today instead Telespazio and the Republic of Palau, the Pacific Ocean island nation, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding in order to establish cooperation in the field of Earth observation satellite. The agreement has the task of drawing up proposals for the definition of sustainable development goals, including those to protect the oceans and seas and also aims to promote actions for the area of the small islands of the Pacific and the management of natural resources.


The agreement provides for the development of activities for environmental monitoring of land and sea, with particular attention to the effects of climate change, management of emergencies caused by extreme weather events, maritime surveillance to ensure compliance of fishing activities through the promotion and technology transfer in the field of services and satellite applications.

New York 05/02/2014