Strales: precise engagement

Strales: precise engagement

OTO Melara’s Strales weapon system increases 76/62 naval guns’ capabilities in facing those challenges arising from new asymmetric war scenarios. After more than 100 years, OTO Melara’s decision to invest in the production of innovative and high-technology naval artillery systems proves to be a winning strategy.


In today’s operative scenarios large ships can be threatened by those little and fast manoeuvring boats that can hit such ships in sudden and simultaneous attacks. At the same time also manoeuvring anti-ship missiles represent a potential menace, therefore target engagement must be carried out with a high level of precision and a low volume of fire. In this context,  OTO Melara’s 76/62 SR or C naval guns, equipped with Strales kit, are indeed an effective and modern naval defence system.

Strales kit
The Strales kit installed on 76/62 naval mounts is composed of a radar antenna that through a radio frequency beam guides in a very precise direction one or more DART projectiles (Driven Ammunition Reduced Time Of Flight) to the target. This high precision technology leaves no margin of error so to avoid any collateral damage risk.
The 76/62 Strales system can fire DART subcalibre projectiles that are ejected from the barrel at a higher speed in comparison with 76mm standard projectiles. The DART projectile is fitted with a front guidance section; once fired, it picks up an RF guidance beam pattern which is constantly aimed at the trajectory of the incoming threat.
A last generation proximity fuze activates the DART projectile at the very best moment so to increase its effectiveness on target engagement. Thanks to the rapidity of DART projectiles and their guidance capabilities, the 76/62 Strales system can counteract both asymmetric and conventional fast and maneuvering threats, while allowing costs reduction in comparison with similar defence missile technology’s systems. 
The Strales kit can be installed on 76/62 Super Rapid or Compact naval guns already in service, which in comparison with other systems guarantee the same firing rate of both 76mm standard ammunition and DART guided ammunition.

Technology for modern naval defence
The Strales system installed on 76/62 naval guns - in service onboard Italian and Colombian Navies - solves the problem of naval artilleries’ failures in relation to their fully effectiveness of the target engagement on its future trajectory which can be extremely difficult when targets are in motion and unpredictable.

OTO Melara’s decision to keep investing in naval artillery systems’ production and focus on innovation and technology, has proven to be a winning strategy leading to important developments.


Roma 13/07/2015