The SF-260 is the most successful military primary trainer available on the market today, with over 900 aircraft delivered to 27 different military operators, as well as private pilots, commercial flying schools and aerobatic teams. The SF-260, during their operational life have flown over two million hours in every possible scenario, a record unmatched in its category.


Performance and handling make the SF-260 an effective screener capable of selecting student pilots in the first training phase. This minimises costs and helps select the best suited students. As training progresses, the SF-260 allows students to achieve the proficiency required for a smooth transition to basic and advanced phases.


The SF-260 is available in two variants, powered respectively by a 260 HP Lycoming AEIO-540 piston engine or a 350 SHP Rolls-Royce Model 250 turboprop. The aircraft is fully aerobatic and capable of carrying external loads. Thanks to a continuous update programme, this elegant two-seater sports the latest digital avionics as well as excellent handling qualities.


The latest model is the SF-260TD, first flown in 2013. Its turboprop engine provides the excess power to provide uncompromised performance even in hot temperatures or high altitude airfields. In addition to a new cabin air conditioning system, the TD offers integrated digital avionics with a full IFR package. Optional equipment includes an Enhanced Vision System, particularly effective at night or in poor weather thanks to external imagery acquired by an infrared camera and displayed on the pilots’ screens at 10x magnification.


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