Service intelligence at Expo 2015

Service intelligence at Expo 2015

"Service Intelligence: Audit & governance to improve IT service management" is the title of the seminar organized by Finmeccanica-Selex ES in partnership with USU Service Intelligence and held on October 26 at the Expo 2015 Finmeccanica exhibition space.

Service intelligence is a business intelligence-based approach that enables the monitoring and control of IT services delivery with an all-around view of service availability, quality, cost, and customer satisfaction.

With the growing demand for IT services - as diverse as, for example, cloud, mobile, digital marketing social media, and big data - and their distribution within the company, it becomes necessary to implement a service intelligence system to monitor IT efficiency. This allows one to identify immediately any weaknesses and to correct them quickly, bringing definite improvement in efficiency and lower costs, along with transparency for the various departments that need the services.

USU Service Intelligence is an extremely useful tool in the hands of Chief Information Officers, as it allows them to constantly monitor the services provided, to measure the internal costs and compare them with outside vendors, and to demonstrate the efficiency and performance of the services to management.

The seminar's large turnout of representatives of major IT companies and the interest shown for the solution already implemented, as attested by the representatives of customers such as the Italian State Railways and the Italian Postal Service, are a clear demonstration of the attention garnered by this topic.


Milan 29/10/2015