Selex ES celebrates 25 years of collaboration with EISF

Selex ES celebrates 25 years of collaboration with EISF

This year Selex ES, a Finmeccanica Company, will celebrate 25 years of collaboration with the Edinburgh International Science Festival, providing stimulating activities to inspire young people to pursue careers in science, engineering and technology.


On April 3, John Innes, Head of Business Innovation for Selex ES, will be participating in a panel discussion at EISF which will explore potential applications of bioengineering in a range of settings from the medical to the industrial and scientific.


Selex ES will also be offering children the chance to build their own robot in a workshop then race their creation round an obstacle course at their Rampaging Chariots Display at the City Arts Centre. This year the theme of the children’s robot design competition will chime with that of the panel discussion, as children will be asked to look at the biological sensors present in the animal kingdomand then apply these sensors to the design of their robots to improve their capability.


Alastair Morrison, SVP, Radar and Advanced Targeting said: “Selex ES is delighted to support the Science Festival and generate an interest in engineering through our Rampaging Chariots competition.”


Dr Simon Gage, Director of the Edinburgh International Science Festival, said “Selex ES have been an invaluable supporter of the Science Festival for all 25 years of our existence and their involvement this year spans both the family and the adult programme, offering intellectual stimulation and challenges for all ages.

Edinburgh 21/03/2013 10:00