Publication of candidate lists for the appointment of the Board of Directors

With reference to the forthcoming shareholders’ meeting, convened for 29 April, or in the absence of a quorum for 4 May 2011, to resolve on, inter alia, the appointment of the Board of Directors, we hereby advise that the following lists of candidates presented by  shareholders, together with the documents and information required by law, are available to the public at the company’s headquarters, at Borsa Italiana S.p.A. and on the company’s web site (

List 1 presented by a group of savings management companies and institutional investors, which together hold around 1. 063% of the share capital of Finmeccanica:

1) Paolo Cantarella (independent)

2) Silvia Merlo (independent)

3) Marco Iansiti (independent)

4) Christian Streiff (independent)

List 2 presented by the Italian Finance and Economy Ministry, the holder of around 30.204% of the share capital of Finmeccanica:

1) Pier Francesco Guarguaglini (nominated for the role of Chairman)

2) Giuseppe Orsi

3) Franco Bonferroni (independent)

4) Dario Galli (independent)

5) Francesco Parlato

6) Giovanni Catanzaro (independent)

7) Guido Venturoni (independent)

Rome 08/04/2011