Publication of the new Internal Dealing Code

Finmeccanica announces that its Board of Directors, at its meeting on 14 November, voted to update the Internal Dealing Code, which, in compliance with current legislation, governs flows of information to the market concerning the acquisition and sale by “related parties” of Finmeccanica shares and of financial instruments associated with them.

As well as incorporating a number of formal changes reflecting those made to the company’s organisational structure, the new text significantly extends, not least in the light of best practices and the requirements imposed by a number of foreign institutional investors, the provisions concerning the periods during which interested parties must refrain from such transactions (blackout periods).

In particular, it introduces, for executive directors and for the General Manager (and also for those persons closely connected with them), a blackout period running from the fourteenth day before the end of each accounting period to the day after a press release announcing the results for that period is issued; for the other “related parties” (as well as to those persons closely connected with them) the blackout period runs from the date on which each accounting period ends to the day after a press release announcing the results for that period is issued.

The updated text of the Internal Dealing Code is available to the public on the company's website at (Internal Dealing area, under Corporate Governance in the Investor Relations section).

Roma 15/11/2011