Leonardo: press release

Leonardo: press release

With reference to the criminal proceeding involving some employees of the former Finmeccanica for alleged conduct of undue appropriation of company funds as well as some Directors of the former Luxembourg based company Finmeccanica Finance for alleged conducts of relocation abroad of the company (“esterovestizione”), Leonardo states as follows.


The abovementioned proceeding refers to conducts concerning past management and, in particular, up to May 2014.


With particular regard to the alleged conduct of undue appropriation consequent to granting  company loans to employees  during the period 2008 – May 2014, it should be noted that the present management of the Company assumed to not grant company loans to employees other than what allowed by applicable law upon satisfaction of the specific legal requirements (advance on severance indemnities, loans against one-fifth of salary).


Furthermore, as for Finmeccanica Finance, Leonardo present management, since its appointment, determined the winding-up and the consequent strike off of the mentioned Luxembourg based company which is not longer part of the Leonardo Group.


Leonardo is fully cooperating with, and at disposal of, the competent judicial authority.    


Rome 15/03/2017 16:05