Full success for the Neuron flight test campaign at Decimomannu Italian Air Force base

Full success for the Neuron flight test campaign at Decimomannu Italian Air Force base
  • Neuron flight test campaign in Italy successfully completed
  • 12 highly sensitive sorties to verify the characteristics of radar-cross section and infrared signature for the European experimental drone
  • The Neuron is dedicated to the demonstration of key technologies for combat aircraft for future piloted and non-piloted systems


The flight test campaign in Italy of the Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle Neuron has been successfully concluded with the achievement of all established goals, thus allowing an important step forward for the program. The Neuron is the European full-scale technological demonstrator for an Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV) developed by an industrial team led by Dassault Aviation with the collaboration of Finmeccanica-Alenia Aermacchi, Saab, Airbus Defence and Space, RUAG and HAI.


The aircraft has been deployed at the Italian Air Force's Decimomannu Air Base, in Sardinia, Italy, where it has fulfilled a series of important operational tests. In particular, the 12 highly sensitive sorties have allowed to verify the characteristics of Neuron’s combat capability, its low radar-cross section and low infrared signature, during missions flown at different altitudes and flight profiles and against both ground-based and air radar “threats”, using in this latter case, an Eurofighter Typhoon.


During the deployment in Italy the Neuron has confirmed its already ascertained excellent performance and high operational reliability. Starting this summer, the next testing phase will be run in Sweden, at the Vidsel Air Base, where tests of low observability and use of weapon delivery from the aircraft’s Weapon Bay will be carried out. 


The demonstrator’s development activity is an important step in the technology maturation process of the acquired technology, mitigating the level of risk of future investments for UAS in Europe and moving towards systems’ development for operational uses.

Decimomannu 25/08/2015 15:42