Journey to the heart of the Group

Journey to the heart of the Group

Let's find out the New Technician Insight project that outlines the profile of the new Finmeccanica technicians. It is a veritable journey into the manufacturing heart of the Group, and its initial Italian experimental phase involved 116 junior technicians (under 35 years old) and senior technicians (45 to about 55) from the three Companies with the largest proportion of workers (AgustaWestland, Alenia Aermacchi and AnsaldoBreda).


What is the perception of “craft”, the vision for the future, the company life of the technician/worker of the Group: these are the topics discussed in the article.


The intelligent manning of the last mile: this is the one-line summary of the valuable work by our technicians that emerged from the survey, so decisive for the success of a high-tech Group that bases its excellence on product quality and customer satisfaction.


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Rome 31/03/2014