Industry Shots

160 years of images from the Ansaldo photo library

Industry Shots

From October 29th until November 30th, Palazzo Ducale in Genoa will host the “Industry Shots” photo exhibition, an event that aims to testify the "know how" of the Italian industry . The images from the photo library of the Fondazione Ansaldo give wide coverage to hundred and sixty years of technological change, the ability of design and construction: those years led to stories of men and workshops, technologies and products.


The exhibition features photographs, both murals and exhibitions of the original format from the middle of the nineteenth century, the factory work in workshops, shipyards and harbors: the train, the great mechanics of boilers, turbines, engine of the equipment; production naval stations and systems for the electrification and modernization of the country, the production of war with battleships, guns, planes and tanks, the eruption of computer science and automation.


To ensure a complete experience, the exhibition has been designed to use different tools and techniques: from overhead touch screen (From the original to the virtual), to multimedia torches (The city to be discovered), giving the possibility to revive an old photo lab (the lab do sciù Campostano) or stop at the interactive stations located in the center of the exhibition space where important events take industrial shape and are narrated from photographs (industrial stories).

Fondazione Ansaldo

The Fondazione Ansaldo was founded in 1980 also as the historical Ansaldo archive. In recent years, Finmeccanica has decided to revitalize the activities of the Foundation, extending its mission from simple archive to the center of higher education, organization of events and cultural initiatives and scientific research . The latter activity has specific expertise of the Scientific Committee of the Foundation which plays a role of guidance for the research activities of the Foundation.

Genoa 29/10/2013