MC-27J Praetorian

MC-27J Praetorian

The MC-27J is the multi-mission variant of the C-27J Spartan tactical twin-turboprop airlifter. The MC-27J is capable of performing Maritime Patrol, Search And Rescue, C3I and special forces missions, covering a wide range of specific tasks without giving up its tactical transport capabilities. All systems are mounted on roll-on, roll-off pallets, which are easily added or removed.


The Praetorian is fitted with an advanced sensor suite, which endow it with capabilities including Command Control and Communication(C3); intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR); real-time datalink; precision direct and indirect fire for limited collateral damage. All sensors, communication and armament systems are proven, off the shelf solutions, which reduce development time and risk.


The MC-27J provides capabilities previously found only in much larger or fully dedicated aircraft, such as the MC-130 special forces variants. The MC-27J adds a flexible configuration and the low operational costs of the C-27J, while continuing to offer characteristics highly valued by operators, including performance, high maneuverability and ability to operate from short, unprepared runways.


The C-27J offers high operational effectiveness with competitive costs, high flexibility, the best performance in its category in whatever weather condition and unique interoperability with higher-category airlifters.


Alenia Aermacchi developed the Praetorian in collaboration with ATK, the US specialist in armament systems, which provides the fire system based on the 30mm Mk 44 cannon. The first three MC-27J-configured aircraft will be delivered to the Italian Air Force starting in 2014.


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