Living, driving and working in Kabul

A story, from the field, as submitted by DRS Technologies

Living, driving and working in Kabul

Report of a working day at The Central Workshop in Kabul, where the DRS Technologies team supplies two levels of radio maintenance and sustainment training.


DRS Technology is proud to be teaching, training – truly “shohna-ba-shohna” (shoulder-to-shoulder) – mentoring, advising and providing all of the tools necessary to generate the caliber of homegrown expertise the ANA (Afghanistan National Army) will need to meet present and future communications requirements. Some soldiers will become ANA trainers.


“These trainers are a valued resource for the ANA, and they will represent training capabilities long after the coalition forces have departed” says Larry ‘Mac’ McNeal, DRS’s ANA program manager.


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Kabul, Afghanistan 10/03/2014