Selex ES' training and simulation capabilities at ITEC 2014

Selex ES' training and simulation capabilities at ITEC 2014

Selex ES, a Finmeccanica company, is attending ITEC 2014 in Cologne from 20th to 22nd May. The company will be exhibiting a wide range of systems and solutions for simulation and training within stand C110.


Selex ES is heavily involved in this sector, has more than twenty years of experience with national and international customers and has participated in some of the largest simulation programmes in Europe.


Selex ES covers the entire spectrum of simulation applications, from networked, intelligent synthetic environments for high-realistic training, to sensor simulation for mission training and maintenance. These are also used to pursue and test new approaches and technologies that include real-time virtual environments and immersive training.


Selex ES’s training and simulation systems are designed around proprietary technology building blocks developed internally by the company. Selex ES has several engineering units dedicated to modeling and simulation – including networks and communications in Catania, mission simulation and sensors in Ronchi dei Legionari and simulation and integration in Genoa – all of which are part of the Finmeccanica Group Companies’ Simulation Lab network known as SimLabs. Selex ES’s Genoa’s laboratories are the main hub of this network. These centres are also linked into the NATO modeling and simulation centre of excellence at La Cecchignola (Rome) developed by Selex ES.


Other simulation centres designed by Selex ES include the air traffic controllers’ simulator installed at Pratica di Mare (Rome) for the Italian Air Force and the VTMIS (Vessel Traffic Management and Information System) simulation and training centre at Messina used by the Italian Coast Guard. Selex ES considers its simulation and training offerings as force multipliers, enabling customers to expand their individual and collective potential and to maximize the impact of their equipment.


At this year’s ITEC, Selex ES will exhibit systems and products focused in three main capability areas. Simulation capabilities will be represented by the company’s MINERVA service, a brand new immersive global training service based on a simulated immersive environment. Also on show in this category are the fighter mission trainer and the MALE BattleLab for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Selex ES is also able to provide supporting tools which are represented by the Integration Test Bed developed for the Italian MoD’s Forza NEC. The company’s maintenance and support training offer will be demonstrated by the V4M system. During the show Selex ES will also chair two conference sessions and deliver two presentations during the Conference: “Radar Simulation from aircrews training to equipment testing – a reusable building block” on 20th May; “SYENA: A New Approach in Modeling and Simulation of Flexible Behaviors in Dynamic Environments” on 22nd May.


                                                                             Products on Show

Simulation Capabilities

MINERVA ITS is an innovative training service based on a simulated immersive environment where people can explore their own virtual world in any kind of domain covered by the company.
MINERVA ITS is based on a wide diffused COTS virtual engine where Selex ES integrates platforms and doctrines to deliver to the customer effective training to face any future challenge. Virtual reality and networked simulation give the possibility of generating an immersive realistic environment where all the different forces can train together.


Fighter mission trainer
Fighter Mission Trainer is a reconfigurable simulation device offering a wide sensor simulation displayed in realistic environments. The aim of the Fighter Mission Trainer is to be a training tool, a CONOPS demonstrator and a debriefing tool.


MALE BattleLab
It is a modular, cost-effective solution for UAV mission training, simulation, operational analysis, definition and validation of Concept of Operation. The system is dedicated to train on mission preparation and operation on both pilot and payload operator.


Based on high performance autogenerative proprietary image generator and powerful synthetic environment performs an accurate simulation of sensors (EO, IR, GMTI, SAR, ESM) from concept of use to detailed operative training.


Supporting Tools
Italian Army Integration Test Bed (ITB)
Forza NEC ITB (Integration Test Bed) is composed by different centers, geographically distributed over Italy, which share the same basic synthetic environment, whilst each of them is characterized by specific Modeling & Simulation capabilities and dedicated tools. These centers are also equipped with real systems which can be both stimulated by synthetic environment or even real platform. Centres are able to connect and inter-operate among themselves or potentially with international (NATO) battlelabs or industrial modeling and simulation centers. This system is part of the Italian MoD program Forza NEC.


Maintenance & Support Training

V4M is a part of a Collaborative Working Environment for Maintenance that allows remote training and assistance for operation and maintenance activities. The remote support is performed using an advanced real-time communication framework between a competence centre manned by experts and remote sites hosting the systems located anywhere in the world. The systems has been already adopted by field engineering and Military Air Forces personnel.

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