Finmeccanica: periodic communication on the share buyback programme

Finmeccanica: periodic communication on the share buyback programme

As part of the share buyback programme authorised by the Shareholders’ Meeting held on 11 May 2015, Finmeccanica acquired on the Italian Stock Exchange (M.T.A.) 200,000 of the Company’s ordinary shares (approximately 0.0346% of the share capital), in the period between 13 and 17 July 2015, at an average price of EUR 11.9419 per share, net of commission. The total purchase price was around EUR 2,388,380.00.


As announced to the market, these shares are intended to serve the needs related to the Incentive Plans approved by the same Shareholders’ Meeting.


Since the launch of the programme, Finmeccanica has acquired a total of 200,000 ordinary shares (approximately 0.0346% of share capital) for a total purchase price of around EUR 2,388,380.00.


Details of the daily transactions are shown below:


Date No. of ordinary shares acquired Average price per share (EUR) Purchase price (EUR)
13 July 2015 100.000 11,9425 1.194.250,00
14 July 2015 100.000 11,9413 1.194.130,00
Total 200.000 11,9419 2.388.380,00


Following the above mentioned acquisitions and taking into account treasury shares already held, Finmeccanica currently holds 232,450 treasury shares, equal to approximately 0.0402% of its share capital.

Rome 20/07/2015 11:59