AW1196 Indopelita cooperation agreement

Aimed at setting up helicopter support services in Indonesia

AW1196 Indopelita cooperation agreement
  • Intended to sustain future business opportunities in the government and parapublic sector
  • On-site support services will maximize responsiveness and cost/effectiveness
  • AgustaWestland committed to establishing collaborations with the Indonesian industrial base



Finmeccanica - AgustaWestland is pleased to announce the signing of a Cooperation Agreement with Indopelita Aircraft Service (IAS) of Indonesia. The agreement was officially announced at Indodefence in Jakarta on November 6th in the presence of representatives and dignitaries from the partners.


This Cooperation Agreement is intended to set up a range of support and maintenance services for AgustaWestland helicopters in Indonesia, to sustain future business opportunities which could be pursued in the government and parapublic sector.    


AgustaWestland has experienced a fast growth in the Indonesian helicopter market in recent years, with the sale of nine helicopters of various models to various customers including the AW119 single engine, the Grand and GrandNew light twins and AW139 intermediate twin to perform a range of missions. The signing of this agreement is a major step forward in the growing presence of AgustaWestland in Indonesia, and offers further evidence of the company’s commitment to establish collaborations with the Indonesian industrial base. By doing so AgustaWestland and IAS will ensure that the best products for the task will be supplied with the best level of services locally for maximized responsiveness and cost/effectiveness. 


Established in 1987 as subsidiary of Pelita Air Service and headquartered in Pondok Cabe (south of Jakarta), Indopelita Aircraft Services (IAS) offers a comprehensive range of modern maintenance and repair services for both fixed and rotary-winged aircraft comprising engines, airframe, propellers and rotors for government and private operators. The company holds Aircraft Maintenance Organization license  approved by Indonesian aviation authority certified under DGCA 145/16800.

Finmeccanica - AgustaWestland 11/11/2014 14:54