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Description of the supply

Summary Information

Call for tender no 5000000105
Subject Standard parts and Connectors
Description of the supply

The supply includes Standard parts and Connectors (Electrical Connectors system, Relay and Sockets, Switches, Breakers and  Push buttons, Bolts, Clamps, Gaskets, Nuts, O-Rings, Screws, Washers, etc.).

The supply is divided according to the following batches:

  • Batch no. 1, “Electrical and Mechanical Parts (Leonardo Helicopters Division)”;
  • Batch no. 2, “Electrical and Mechanical Standard parts C&S UK”;
  • Batch no. 3, “Connectors (Leonardo SAS Division)”.
Type of supply Supplies
Duration of contract/work 24 months Framework Agreement
Presumed bidding starting price 20.250.000 € (two years supply value)
General awarding criteria Best value for money criterion
Date of publication 30th June 2016
Deadline 21st July 2016 time 18:00 (CET)
Call of tender

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