Finmeccanica won orders for approximately EUR 155 million

Finmeccanica has won orders for a combined value of approximately EUR 155 million through its companies DRS Technologies, SELEX Galileo, Elsag Datamat, Ansaldo STS and SELEX Sistemi Integrati.

DRS Technologies has won orders worth a total of more than USD 74 million.

The first order worth USD 43.5 million is to provide Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) for the US Navy’s E-6 Take Charge and Move Out (TACAMO) and Airborne Command Post (ABNCP) aircraft fleet.

In addition to this order, the company has been issued a USD 21 million order for Heavy Weapon Thermal Sights (HWTS) from the United Kingdom (UK) Ministry of Defence.

Moreover, DRS Defense Solutions, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of DRS Technologies, Inc., announced that it was awarded a USD 10.2 million contract for the production of a number of Gigabit Ethernet Multiplex System (GEDMS) shipsets by the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Dahlgren, VA.

SELEX Galileo has been awarded contracts worth a total of more than EUR 55 million.

Specifically, one order include contracts worth in excess of EUR 33 million for the supply of 196 highenergy lasers to be fitted in United States prime contractor targeting systems.

In addition to this order, the company has signed a contract worth over EUR 17 million, with the Italian Space Agency (Agenzia Spaziale Italiana, ASI) for the development and production of the SIMBIO-SYS instrument for the European Space Agency (ESA)’s BepiColombo mission, and a contract for EUR 5.3 million to supply 2 further Hostile Artillery Location (HALO) systems to an existing non-NATO export customer.

ElsagDatamat has acquired a number of orders worth a total of around EUR 20 million relating to security in certain target countries: in Chile for the upgrade of the Policia de Investigaciones’ fingerprint database and the upgrade of the Patrol Support Systems supplied previously, which will be integrated with alcohol testing modules; in Brazil and Argentina, orders acquired relate to mobile number plate reading systems (auto-detectors); in France, an important framework contract has been signed, in partnership with the company Morpho, to install systems that detect the average speed of vehicles on French motorways.

Ansaldo STS recently announced two separate contracts for U.S.-based cab signaling projects, totaling approximately USD 18 million. The scope of the two contracts, one with Bombardier Transportation and the other with Kawasaki Railcar, Inc., are to supply cab signaling for 100 and 364 vehicles, respectively.

SELEX Sistemi Integrati has signed two contracts worth a total of EUR 15 million.

The first contract worth over EUR 10 million signed with the government of a middle-eastern country is to supply the country’s air force with repair and testing stations for the maintenance of the electronic components of ATCR radar and Precision Approach Radar (PAR). The second order for a value of EUR 5,1 million , has been signed with the International Agency NETMA, based in Munich (Germany), for the delivery of the IAS-MSS (Italian Air Force Mission Support System) flight mission planning system which will equip the Italian Air Force Tornado aircraft.

Rome 26/01/2011