Finmeccanica takes part in DSEi 2013

Finmeccanica takes part in DSEi 2013

Finmeccanica, through its companies AgustaWestland, Selex ES and OTO Melara, takes part in DSEi 2013 that takes place at the Excel Centre of London from 10 to 13 September (South Hall; S5 – 110).


Finmeccanica, with its headquarters in London, is present in a stable manner in the UK where he is credited as a second supplier of the UK Ministry of Defence and the biggest foreign investor in the key areas of helicopters, defense electronics and cyber security . A second domestic market gained and a bet won thanks to the technological excellence of the products that the Group, through a front of companies organized and cohesive, provides the British customer, providing solutions applicable in all scenarios where safety is essential, from the largest platforms to the smallest sensors, from equipments to avionics on board, from integrated communications networks to sophisticated control systems. From Edinburgh to Portsmouth, Finmeccanica employs approximately 8,500 employees located in eight of the most important sites in the UK making the Italian Group a leader in terms of industrial presence on the British territory.


AgustaWestland attends DSEi 2013 exhibiting within the static display the core, state-of-the-art rotary-winged platforms in service with the Royal Navy, the AW159 Lynx Wildcat and the AW101 Merlin Mk.2. With 62 units on order in UK in a mix for the British Army and the Royal Navy as well as with 8 naval-configured aircraft for the Republic of Korea, the multi-role AW159 is a new generation helicopter that builds on the legacy of the Lynx helicopter. The AW159  delivers increased mission capability as a result of its state-of-the-art fully integrated avionics and mission sensors. The aircraft has been designed to perform both over land and maritime missions and is designed for ship based operations. The AW101 is the long range multi-role platform of choice in its class, with extensive operational experience performing SAR, military transport and naval roles worldwide. The large cabin can accommodate over 30 troops or survivors. Three engines and state-of-the-art avionics provide unparalleled performance and mission effectiveness in both land and maritime environments.  The AW101 Merlin Mk.2 on static is one of the first Royal Navy’s Merlins upgraded to the new HM Mk.2 standard and featuring state-of-the-art glass cockpit and improved aircrew mission console and avionics, advanced touch screen displays, and an improved ability to detect and track targets and share data with other aircraft and ships while airborne. Thirty Merlin Mk1 helicopters are being converted to Mk2s at the AgustaWestland’s Yeovil facility.


DSEi 2013 will see Selex ES demonstrating its full breadth of defence, security and smart system capabilities on the Finmeccanica stand. As a key partner with a number of platform primes, Selex ES equipment will also be present on the BAE Systems’ M777 and on the Royal Navy’s AgustaWestland Lynx Wildcat helicopter. In the sea domain, Selex ES will be promoting its naval combat integrated capabilities, and will be highlighting the company’s mode 5 capable IFF Interrogator, the SIT422/5M. New for 2013 will also be the company’s integrated mast for naval vessels. Supporting land operations, Selex ES will be discussing the latest developments of its Falco UAS, two newly-launched cameras, soldier radios and the Guardian range of personal and vehicle-mounted “electronic armour”. A Mastiff vehicle will also be on display in the vehicle area featuring Selex ES’s suite of integrated situational awareness systems. For missions in the littoral, Selex ES will be displaying the Seaspray 7500E AESA surveillance radar and the Kronos 3D multi-mode radar. A number of advanced electronic warfare (EW) capabilities will be on display including the newly launched Mysis DIRCM, SEER RWR and SAGE ECM. Bringing all sensors into an integrated whole is the SkyISTAR mission management system for unmanned air vehicles. A key player in civil security, Selex ES will also be demonstrating its smart solutions in an integrated airport demonstration and its cyber credentials via an augmented reality display.


OTO Melara, starting from the 60s, has supplied the British MOD with nr. 200 105/14 Field Howitzers and has participated to the Italian-British-German trilateral program for the development and production of the 155mm FH70 howitzer supplying UK and Germany with about 1000 kits of parts that have also been sold to third countries. In the last 15 years many naval 76/62mm guns and 40/70 turrets have been installed on board ships produced by  British shipyards (Vosper Thrnycroft and BAe Systems) to be sold to foreign Navies. Presently OTO Melara, together with the British company Babcock which a Teaming Agreement has been signed with, is involved in the MIFS tender (Maritime Indirect Fire System) issued by the Royal Navy for the supply under license of the 127/64 Light Weight naval gun and relevant automatic feeding magazine for the new T26 Frigates.

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