Finmeccanica to take part in the Top Employers Best Practice Convention

Finmeccanica, which this year achieved TOP EMPLOYER 2011 certification, placing it among a groupof élite companies in the field of training, development and HR management, today took part in the Top Employers Best Practices Convention in Rome at LUISS University.

The convention, which also includes a second event taking place on 29 September in Milan, took as its main theme the relationship between social networks and employer branding: managers and HR personnel from some of the certified companies discussed ways of using the new web functionalities to increase their organisation's appeal on the global job market.

Finmeccanica gave an in-depth presentation of the strategy adopted by the Group in response to the challenges of the digital society, highlighting its presence on the main social media sites and, above all, demonstrating the web communities designed to support the Group's training and development initiatives, which run alongside and guide the professional development plans of the people who work at Finmeccanica.

The online communities aimed at different sections of the workforce (from new starters to senior managers) enable users to benefit from e-learning content and encourage the collaborative development of knowledge, promoting contact and collaboration between people doing the same job at different Finmeccanica companies around the world and making a significant contribution to the sense of belonging to the Group.

The search for new channels of communication and innovative tools to support employee development plans is a response to Finmeccanica's need to adopt a diversified communication strategy to engage in an effective dialogue with the full range of skilled workers present within the Group.

A few figures to set the scene: more than 30% of the Group's employees have a degree and 47% have a high school diploma, with an overwhelming majority completing degrees or diplomas in technical subjects; almost 16,000 studied engineering, mainly specialising in aeronautics/aerospace, electronics, mechanical engineering, IT and telecommunications, and around 19,000 specialist technicians work at the various Group companies; finally, four generations work side-by-side on a dailybasis at Finmeccanica, including many young people under the age of 35 (30% of the workforce) and "seniors" in their 50s (31%).

Rome 27/09/2011