Finmeccanica takes part in IDEF 2013

Finmeccanica – through its companies AgustaWestland, Alenia Aermacchi, OTO Melara, Selex ES and WASS – will take part in IDEF (International Defence Industry Fair) 2013, to be held in Istanbul,Turkey, from 7 to 10 of May (Hall 3 – Stand 306).


For Finmeccanica, Turkey is first and foremost an industrial partner rather than just a potential market. Over the years, close collaboration between Group companies and their Turkish counterparts has led to a solid industrial partnership that extends to the defence and security sectors as well as civil programmes. The activities range from helicopters for military and commercial applications to training and maritime patrol aircraft, radar (both air traffic control and air defence), communications systems, naval systems, rail transport, signalling Systems, urban trains and buses. Last November, Finmeccanica opened its new representative office in Ankara to strengthen the Group's presence in the country and to develop its leadership in defence and security. Finmeccanica operates in Turkey through its office, opened in Ankara in 2010.


The longstanding collaboration between AgustaWestland and Turkey dates back to the early 1970s, and to date are over 270 military and commercial helicopters being purchased in the country. The models to be exhibited include the: T129, AW169, AW139 and AW189. The T129, an example of industrial cooperation between Italy and Turkey, is a multi-role combat helicopter developed by the ATAK Team comprising TAI (prime contractor and system integrator), AgustaWestland and Aselsan. The AW139 is a new-generation multi-role intermediate twin-engine helicopter offering unparalleled performance and capacity. The AW139 meets the most stringent civil and government standards. The 4.5 ton AW169 is a the only new generation light intermediate helicopter in decades and offers unparalleled versatility and advanced technology to perform a wide range of roles such as law enforcement, EMS/SAR, utility, offshore transport, VIP/corporate transport. The AW189 is a new generation 8 ton class helicopter designed to meet the latest and future requirements in the global market for long range, high endurance missions and it features a unique 50 minutes ‘dry-run’ capable main gear box allowing unprecedented levels of reliability and safety. It is perfectly suited for SAR, offshore and passenger transport as well as parapublic roles. The AW169, AW139 and AW189 are all part of the AgustaWestland Family of new generation helicopters which share commonalities across design, components, certification and safety standards, mission capabilities and a similar approach to maintenance and training. The Family sets new standards in cost/effectiveness and fleet management for operators using at least two out of three types from the Family.


Turkey offers strong commercial prospects for Alenia Aermacchi, which is currently promoting its industrial and technological capabilities in integrated training systems, special versions aircraft (for maritime patrole and anti-submarine warfare roles) and tactical transport aircraft. The supply of the ATR 72 ASWs (Anti-Submarine Warfare) to the Turkish Navy represents an important industrial co-operation in the aeronautics sector. Designed, developed and manufactured by Alenia Aermacchi for anti-submarine warfare (based on the civil ATR 72), the ATR 72 ASW is a highly-efficient medium-range aircraft, with competitive purchase and operating costs, and is also able to conduct maritime patrol missions. The C-27J tactical transport aircraft produced by Alenia Aermacchi is an optimum solution for Air Force with demanding military mission requirements and larger strategic airlift, now offered also in the MC-27J multi-mission version for special forces use. Its interoperability and common use by other NATO partners would provide the Turkish Air Force with a strong transport capability to participate in multinational activities such as peacekeeping, humanitarian relief and disaster response. In the field of Integrated Training Systems Alenia Aermacchi is demostrating the M-346, the most advanced/lead-In fighter trainer currently produced and the only new generation trainer optimized for the role. Its advanced design solutions provide high safety standards and reduced acquisition and operational costs. The M-346 is tailored to train pilots to fly new generation combat aircraft and is well suited for every phase of advanced and pre-operational training, allowing a reduction in the flight hours needed on the more expensive frontline aircraft. The M-346 embodies the latest “design-to-cost” and “design-to-maintain” concepts, with avionics modelled on those of latest generation military aircraft such as the Eurofighter, the Gripen, the Rafale, F-16, F-18, F-22 and JSF.


Oto Melara is the world leader in the production of small-and-medium calibre naval guns. It applies the latest technologies to offer its customers global solutions and has research and development capabilities in areas ranging from artillery to armored vehicles, and from guided ammunition to anti-aircraft-systems. At IDEF, Oto Melara will be exhibiting the VULCANO family of ammunitions, the DART ammunition and the Single FAST FORTY Naval Gun Mount. VULCANO is a family of ammunitions conceived to provide accurate and long range Naval Fire Support capability even for the engagement of Surface Target, currently under development within two configurations: the VULCANO unguided ammunition, designated Vulcano BER (Ballistic Extended Range) and the VULCANO guided ammunition, designated Vulcano GLR (Guided Long Range). DART is the sub-calibre projectile fired and guided by the STRALES system. The kit encompasses a radio-frequency data link that allows the DART ammunition to effectively engage the target while in-flight. The DART projectile features canard control surfaces, high terminal manoeuvrability, proximity programmable microwave fuse, can reach a range of more than 5 kilometres, and is suitable for all-weather conditions. The Single FAST FORTY Naval Gun Mount is a new generation naval weapon which fully satisfies the requirements of full automation, high reliability, easy installation (no deck penetration required) and easy of maintenance. This weapon is fitted with a new 40mm cannon characterized of a high rate of fire, high accuracy and two ammunition feeding system that provides the plentiful availability of two different types of rounds ready to fire.


Selex ES has been active and present in Turkey for over 30 years and through its subsidiary Selex ES Elektronik Turkey (formerly SELEX Komünikasyon), employs around 60 highly-skilled personnel. Over the years, Selex ES as an important global defence electronics, security and civil player, has developed and manufactured equipment and designed solutions for land, naval and air application. Among the most important success, Selex ES has produced and delivered hundreds of secure HF radios for the Turkish Armed Forces. Thanks to its technologies and experience, Selex ES Turkey brings the best to customers in terms of innovation, application and quality in his premises located in Gölbasi/Ankara and all over Europe. The most important programmes/ equipment include: TETRA and DMR solutions integrated with other communication technologies; Naval applications, with communications and navigation equipment such as navigation radars for the ARPA programme as well as other tailored solutions for the Turkish navy, Vessel Traffic Systems VTS integrated control and monitoring systems for the Turkish network of harbors and traffic vessel management; Land applications, with tactical and infrastructural communication networks, command, control & communication systems, ground satellite system, Radar RAT31 for air defence at a NATO level; Airborne applications with several different CNI (communication, navigation and identification) systems; Obstacle Warning Systems (LOAM) and self-protection equipment; LED-Based Lighting Systems and Control Panels and a significant contribution to the avionics of the T129 ATAK programme; Defence applications, with data link systems, Message Handling Systems, Laser Warning Receiver, navigation for ground platform, IR seekers; SCADA & Automation; Integrated Security Solutions.


WASS, a world leader in the Underwater Systems domain, at IDEF exhibits the new FLASH BLACK Lightweight Torpedo and the new BLACK SNAKE Towed Array Sonar. The FLASH BLACK torpedo is the result of the technological experiences coming from the development and in-service releasing of the other lightweight torpedoes developed and produced by WASS, includes several innovations, making it the first in the world in terms of flexibility, performances and very low life cycle cost. It can be launched by any platform, including underwater ones and it is able to attack any kind of underwater and surface target with lethal and non lethal attack type (mission abort). Particular attention has been dedicated to maintenance, with reduction to a minimum period of 5/10 years. The new towed array sonar, named BLACK SNAKE, is the smallest and lightest towed array sonar on the market and completes the C310 countermeasure system, obtaining the most modern light and effective torpedo defence system for any kind of surface ship. Two patents are on the basis of these results: an innovative hydrodynamic control system allowing the left-right torpedo detection ambiguity solving in few seconds and a new beamforming granting the same performances than a double length array and a high reduction of the side beams. BLACK SNAKE can be directly interfaced or via combat management system to the C310 reaction system.

Istanbul 07/05/2013