Finmeccanica at Le Bourget

Finmeccanica at Le Bourget

From 17 to 23 June 2013, Finmeccanica takes part in the 50th Le Bourget Airshow with its companies AgustaWestland, Alenia Aermacchi, Selex ES, DRS Technologies and Telespazio.


Finmeccanica chooses to present itself at Le Bourget 2013 following an expositive concept based on the OODA Loop (Observe, Orient, Decide and Act) a philosophy descending from military approach that represents our aim to fit the evolving reality. Finmeccanica core solution which summarize all the four OODA Loop phases is the C4ISTAR system (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Information/Intelligence, Surveillance, Targeting Acquisition and Reconnaissance). Such platform is able to merge information coming from different sources to build one single clear picture by which decisions and following actions can be easily triggered.


Finmeccanica Stand

Starting from the OODA Loop framework, Finmeccanica stand is set up to represent the capabilities and skills that the Operational Companies are able to deliver, separately and through integrated solutions, to a wide range of customers. The Stand is divided in 3 areas: Defence & Security Electronics, Training and Space.


Defence & Security Electronics

Finmeccanica exposes main products and solutions of its subsidiary Selex ES (i.e. Picosar, Seaspray, IFF systems, Raven, etc. ), most of which already sold in several countries and widely appreciated by different customers. Furthermore, a special focus is dedicated to two integrated/interoperable solutions:


EXPO 2015

The solution that will be realized for Expo 2015 is a strong example of how Finmeccanica systems can work perfectly in one single solution: a “smart” platformintegratingdata and information across heterogeneous external systems and being completely interoperablewith other Operations Control Centers for territory control andpublic safety.


Integrated Airport

Integrated airport solution is designed to deliver a fully operational airport system in a very short time, based on the fast development of integrated airside and landside systems to answer the need of increasing air traffic. The integrated airport solution is scalable and adaptable to different sizes and types of airports. It can be tuned to different levels of complexity, according to the presence and status of legacy systems. This total airport management solution is structured into four main layers covering security, safety, services and sustainability.


Training & Support 

Alenia Aermacchi, with over 50 years of unrivalled experience in pilot training, has developed the unique Integrated Training System (ITS), now in production for the Italian Air Force and Singapore Air Force. At the heart of the Alenia Aermacchi ITS is the innovative M-346 lead-in fighter trainer, the most advanced currently on the market. The ITS provides, together with the aircraft, a Ground Based Training System (GBTS) harmonized with the training philosophy, enabling the student pilot to learn and rehearse the entire aircraft syllabus and all training objectives on the ground. On display at the stand: SF-260 TP Simulation Based Training (SBT),  M-346 Ground Based Training System, Eurofighter Enhanced Aircrew Cockpit Procedure Trainer (E-ACPT).


Space Capabilities

Finmeccanica has a world-class portfolio of Space-related capabilities, offering everything from mission planning and systems, to satellite manufacturing, operations and services.


Satellite Observation

Telespazio is one of the major global suppliers of geospatial application solutions and services. Through its subsidiary e-GEOS, created jointly with the Italian Space Agency, is active in all areas relating to the Earth observation market, including homeland security, response to natural hazards, agriculture crop management, forestry monitoring, urban planning and city management. Furthermore, Telespazio is involved in the major Earth observation programmes including the European Copernicus (previously known as GMES) and COSMO-SkyMed.



Telespazio, with its long track record in the satellite telecommunication and television sectors, offers dedicated services for civil protection, security, e-government, oil and gas, transport and navigation, implementing fixed and mobile broadband satellite solutions in Italy and abroad. In military satellite communications (Milsatcom), Telespazio provides telecommunications services to the armed forces of NATO countries, through its involvement in the Italian defence SICRAL programme. It also  provides engineering and development support to new MoDs military programmes.



Telespazio is Finmeccanica’s key operator in satellite navigation and localisation services, a role confirmed by its participation in the Galileo program. At the Fucino Space Centre the company has built one of the control centres that manage the Galileo constellation and mission. The Italian control center will handle the transmission of the navigation signal to the satellites, while also guaranteeing the quality of service provided to end users. Telespazio is involved in the development of a wide range of applications based on Galileo and EGNOS, as SENECA  (SatEllite Navigation sErvices for Civil Aviation”), the Italian National program that aims at introducing EGNOS services in the frame of Italian Air Traffic Management, supporting the development and demonstrations of innovative civil aviation GNSS applications and preparing the transition towards Galileo. Moreover, Telespazio offers navigation services in the areas of highway, air, rail and sea transport, precision agriculture, telecommunications, Earth mapping and cartography, gas/oil exploration, and mining.


Finmeccanica Static Area

Finmeccanica Static Area at le Bourget 2013 is characterized by the presence of the Operating Companies of three strategic sectors: Helicopters, Aeronautics and Defence & Security Electronics. Over a total area of around 3,650 square meters, institutional delegations and the general public are able to see at close hand the  technological products presented at this Exhibition. In the AgustaWestland side, the multirole AW159 (designated the Lynx Wildcat in UK, and more recently also chosen by the Republic of Korea Navy), the AW149 (that answers a growing demand for the next generation, affordable, multi-purpose medium class helicopter), the AW189 (the new state-of-the-art 8 tonne class commercial helicopter),  the AW139M (militarised version of the best selling AW139) and the AW169 (the new generation 4.5 ton class light intermediate helicopter showcased with one of the four prototypes plus full scale VIP and EMS configured cabin mock-ups). Moreover, “Project Zero”, the revolutionary technology incubator has its Le Bourget premiere. A completely electric powered tiltrotor, Project Zero is designed to hover like a helicopter and convert to a fixed wing aircraft in forward flight thanks to its two integrated rotors which can be tilted through more than 90 degrees. On the Selex ES side, the walk starts with the unmanned aerial systems FALCO present in the Static Area with its standard version but also with its evolution, the FALCO EVO, a “bigger and heavier” FALCO, an aircraft with no pilot, characterized by high-level of technology and a wide range of applications thanks to its size, dimension and payload.  In front the Integrated Mobile Security System (IMMS) and the AULOS  Radar, both from Selex ES. In the Aeronautical sector, on the occasion  of the 100th Anniversary of Alenia Aermacchi, the Company shows the historical SVA9 biplane aircraft, designed in 1916 and built in various version such as fighter, reconnaissance, attack and training missions and the historical trainer MB308, which performed its first flight in 1947. Right after the historical aircraft, it is possible to see the SF-260 TD, the best seller in the primary training market, with over 900 units delivered worldwide. Immediately after the Eurofighter Typhoon IPA2,  the most advanced multi-role fighter on the market, with 719 aircraft on contract and 571 aircraft on order by seven nations.  In the corner it can be seen the new M-345 HET (High Efficiency Trainer), the new basic-advanced lightweight fast jet trainer. Alenia Aermacchi is also strongly represented by the MC-27J,  new “military” version  of well known C27J Spartan,  an aircraft that has been already sold in many different Countries and used in strategic military operation scenarios, like Afghanistan.

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