Finmeccanica in Italy and the UK

Group's contribution to the two domestic markets of reference

Finmeccanica in Italy and the UK

In the latest issue of Finmeccanica Magazine we illustrate the Group's contribution to the two domestic markets of reference, evaluated by Prometeia and Oxford Economics in a study sponsored and coordinated by the Finmeccanica’s Research Department.


This thorough and scientifically rigorous research has given us the opportunity to analyse and better understand the link between industrial presence, technological innovation, long-term vision and impact on the economic system. The study found that Finmeccanica contributes to the growth of the two Countries - not only in economic terms, but also by increasing knowledge and industrial competitiveness - very significantly all along the supply chain in which it operates.


The Research Department has provided material for study and discussion to the Top Management of the Companies, offering everyone the opportunity to deepen the complex and deep-rooted economic ties that bind the Group and its Companies to the territory and the social, economic and production fabric on which they rest. From this they derive a greater awareness of the role of Finmeccanica, strengthening, as a result, everyone's sense of responsibility, not only towards their Company, but also more generally to the country. 


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Rome 17/03/2014