Finmeccanica Exhibits at the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) 2011 Meeting & Exposition

Companies present

The Finmeccanica Group Companies attending this year's AUSA Meeting and Exposition are DRS Defense Solutions, DRS Technologies, SELEX Communications, and SELEX Galileo. These companies will showcase capabilities, products, and services that serve the warfighter's needs in areas such as force sustainment, C4ISR, and platform and systems integration. Products on display include:

DRS Defense Solutions

Guardbot - The Guardbot is a ball shaped, unmanned, amphibious vehicle with video, EO/IR, radar and broadcasting ability that can be operated in full autonomous, semi-autonomous, or manual modes. It is scalable depending on mission need and is operational in sand, mud, water, snow and asphalt. Capable of performing multi-missions, the GuardBot can be used in airport security, base defense, and port/harbor security as well as riverine and beach operations.

Personalized Digital Point Position Data Base (PDPPDB) - The Personal Digital Point Position Data Base (PDPPDB) is a real time photogrammetric 3-D database generation capability that provides an automatic, accurate intel targeting database. PDPPDB can also be used for damage assessment. PDPPDB is currently a fully operational COTS prototype (pre-productions) that is flown on the DRS Sentry UAS.

GS205 EO/IR/LS/LRF - The GS205 EO/IR/LS/LRP employs the latest sensor technology and provides a small, lightweight, sensor system for the Unmanned Aircraft System of the Brigade Combat Team Modernization program. The DRS GS205 provides a small, lightweight, sensor system for small Unmanned Aircraft (UA) and Size, Weight, and Power (SWAP) constrained ground or maritime vehicles. This sensor system enables the UA operator, along with other networked elements of the Combat Team to have real-time "eyes" on the battlefield situation, and make real-time decisions regarding detection, location, and immediate prosecution of threats.

DRS Technologies

M-ATV Reconnaissance Vehicle Demonstrator - Integrated by DRS Technologies, the M-ATV Reconnaissance Vehicle Demonstrator has several capabilities including Targeting and Lethality Under Armor, Future Battle Command, Active Protection, and the Driver's Vision Enhancer.

JV5 Block 2 Vehicle Computer and Display System - The JV5 is an ultra rugged vehicle computing and display system for Blue Force Tracking. DRS' JV-5 Rugged Vehicle System is an ultra-rugged vehicle computing system that is designed to operate in and survive the harshest of environments. It offers the user dependable computing performance whenever and wherever it is needed. The JV-5 Rugged Vehicle System meets or exceeds all environmental requirements from EMI to moisture to vibration and offers digital technology the warfighter can count on.

Thermal Weapon Sight (TWS) II - The DRS family of AN/PAS-13D(V) Thermal Weapon Sights (TWS) II is the U.S. Army's choice for enhancing individual and crew-served weapon capability. The TWS increases warfighter operational effectiveness by seeing deep into the battlefield, increasing surveillance and target acquisition ranges, while penetrating obscurants during the day or at night. This state-of-the-art 25µm (1 mil) uncooled infrared technology provides the warfighter a crisp thermal image of target information, thereby increasing situational awareness and reducing mission-critical decision time.

SELEX Communications

CTX for Dismounted Communications - The CTX allows users to simultaneously monitor three modes of communications: two body-worn radios plus a vehicle/aircraft intercom system. It is compatible with all legacy radios currently in use. It is a ruggedized Push to Talk and radio interface control unit designed for use by both mounted and dismounted troops in land and maritime environments.

Soldier System Radio Plus (SSR+) - The Soldier System Radio Plus (SSR+) is a dual net, fully programmable and flexible communication platform capable of supporting, Battalion, Company, Platoon and Squad operations. It can support 32 active users per network (channel) and has 256 available channels (profiles). The radio can store multiple profiles that allow the user to easily change groups or roles. This separates the SSR+ from other radio systems currently in the market. The system operates in a structured tiered hierarchy and sub net configuration that allows commanders the flexibility to filter the information flow required for effective Command and Control (C2) for both voice and data.

SELEX Galileo

Type 162 High Power Ultra Lightweight Laser Designator (ULD-HP) - On display in the United States for the first time, the ULD-HP is a lightweight, compact laser designator for man portable, ground vehicles and UAS applications. Building on more than ten years of experience developing state-of-the-art lasers for airborne applications, the ULD represents SELEX Galileo's expansion into laser designators for hand-held and ground applications.

Automated Computerised Mobility Equipment (ACME) - This system is a quick-to-install product that provides the ability to remotely control any vehicle using both visible and infrared vision systems and remote control equipment. By allowing troops to control vehicles remotely, ACME reduces the growing risk for personnel involved in patrol, transport or route clearance missions. This product was recently launched at DSEi trade show in London.

VigilX - VigilX is a distributed aperture sensor system which allows crews to ‘see through the hull' of an aircraft by combining inputs from a series of sensors to generate one integrated panoramic image. The system, which enables pilots to see in zero light conditions, aids the operation of battlefield helicopters at night and in degraded visual environments.

Washington D.C. 10/10/2011