Finmeccanica achieves EASA certification of the AW169

Already an international commercial success with over 150 units ordered

Finmeccanica achieves EASA certification of the AW169

- The EASA certification marking the market entrance of the aircraft was gained in less than 5 years
- Finmeccanica finalizes the family of new generation helicopters
- The first new generation helicopter in its class in the last 30 years
- Ideal for many missions and able to satisfy a large range of requirements



Rome,17 July 2015. -Finmeccanica announces that the new AW169 helicopter has been certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Deliveries of the first aircraft will now take place to the many customers around the world who have chosen the most modern helicopter in its class on the market.


To date, more than 150 AW169s have already been ordered for commercial such as corporate or offshore transport, or public utility applications such as search and rescue and law enforcement. The AW169 introduces technological innovations in terms of avionics, propulsion and aerodynamic also designed to reduce noise and air pollution. The AW169 has been designed with a “dual use” approach in order to meet government requirements as well.


Mr. Mauro Moretti, CEO and General Manager of Finmeccanica, commented: "The certification of the AW169 confirms the technological excellence of Finmeccanica. The market entrance of a new product is the result not only of the investments in research and development but above all of the great skills that are part of the Group. Thanks to those, a new helicopter, which has already been a great success and will certainly continue as such, has been added to the product portfolio of Finmeccanica. Our innovative product portfolio is the key to Finmeccanica’s competitiveness and to our significant contribution to the industry".


The only new helicopter in its weight category (4.6 tonne) developed in the last 30 years, the AW169 meets the latest standards in terms of mission capability and safety. With its certification, the first family of new generation helicopters ever built enters the market.


With the AW139 and AW189, already in service, the new AW169 shares the same design philosophy, components and the same approach to maintenance and training. This provides customers with a fleet based on different models for maximum flexibility of use and a significant reduction in operating costs, while maintaining the highest quality standards, allowing Finmeccanica-AgustaWestland to remain highly competitive and on the technological frontier. The helicopter is equipped with a cockpit that integrates ergonomic and more intuitive controls, advanced systems for navigation in all-weather conditions, and environmental and collision avoidance systems.


The AW169 has already been chosen by operators around the world, including those in Italy, UK, USA, Spain, Turkey, Canada, Brazil, Japan, China, Russia, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand.


Rome 17/07/2015 16:52