Finmeccanica: Financial Calendar for 2013 - Resolutions regarding Corporate Governance

Finmeccanica advises the annual calendar of corporate events for the year 2013, as shown in the summary table below:


- Tuesday 12 March – Board of Directors: Draft Annual Report for 2012; Consolidated Results for 2012

- Monday 6 May – Board of Directors: Results for the First Quarter 2013

- From Monday 13 May to Thursday 16 May – Shareholders’ Meeting: Annual Report for 2012

- Wednesday 31 July – Board of Directors: First Half Report for 2013

- Thursday 7 November – Board of Directors: Results for the Third Quarter 2013

Conference calls/meetings to present the results to the Financial Community will usually take placethe same day, or the day after the approval by the Board of Directors.

Any amendment to this calendar will be timely announced.

It is likewise made known that the Company's Board of Directors, as part of the process beingimplemented to adapt its Governance model to the contents of the new Self-regulatory Code for Listed Companies, has - among other things - resolved to made certain modifications to its Internal Regulations (Rules governing the Board of Directors and relevant Committees) aimed at prompt implementation of the principles and application criteria of the new edition of the Code published in December 2011.

Detailed information on compliance with the new Code and relevant implementation thereof will be provided in the Report on Corporate Governance and Ownership Structure to be published during the year 2013.

Rome 19/12/2012