Finmeccanica: Calendar of Events for 2012

Finmeccanica advises its calendar of events for 2012 as shown in the table below:


Wednesday 14 March – Board of Directors: Draft Annual Report for 2011; Consolidated Results for 2011

Thursday 3 May – Board of Directors: Results for the First Quarter 2012

Thursday 3 May to Friday 11 May – Shareholders’ Meeting: Annual Report for 2011

Tuesday 31 July – Board of Directors: First-Half Report for 2012

Thursday 8 November – Board of Directors: Results for the Third Quarter 2012

Conference calls/meetings for the presentation of the results to the financial community will usually be held on the same day or the day after the Board of Directors approves the results.

Any changes to this calendar will be announced in good time.

Rome 24/01/2012