Finmeccanica at DSEi - Defence Systems & Equipment International 2011

Finmeccanica will take part at DSEi 2011, the world’s largest fully integrated defence and security exhibition, at the ExCel Centre in London from 13 to 16 September through its companies AgustaWestland, DRS Technologies, SELEX Elsag, SELEX Galileo and SELEX Systems Integration. Finmeccanica will host a press briefing on the 14 September at 11:30am at its stand (S5 305). As governments develop national security strategies to protect society against an increasing wide range of threats, risks and instabilities, Finmeccanica is deploying its proven technology and expertise to deliver leading-edge capability for increasingly complex military and non-military domains. Finmeccanica offers comprehensive integrated and networked solutions in security and cyber for air, sea and land in all sectors such as major events, ports, airports, railways and border protection. Finmeccanica’s technology and solutions also offer protection for Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) and against Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) threats. In the military domain, Finmeccanica’s Group companies have invested in state-of-the-art technology, systems and sub systems integration, programme management and engineering expertise in order to provide bespoke solutions to new complex Battlespace requirements presented by modern operations. At DSEi Finmeccanica will exhibit its world class range of technologies, systems and subsystems integration skills, programme management and engineering expertise in Battlespace, Security and Cyber. The Battlespace area covers five critical themes: Force Protection, where Finmeccanica is developing a capability demonstrator bringing together sub-systems from Battlespace teams in the UK, Italy and the US. The capability is integrated in a system architecture developed by an extended engineering team, demonstrating Finmeccanica’s commitment to accelerating Force Protection capability through development for early operational fielding; Engagement, against adaptable and determined adversaries; Combat Management, which takes in all relevant external and internal information to enable the ship’s command to detect and counter threats to both the ship and surrounding forces; Situational Awareness, where understanding what is happening is fundamental to effective operations across the Battlespace; Platform System Integration, where the efficient flow of information around the Battlespace depends upon the architectural layers working as a whole. This makes new demands upon the ability of platforms to support an adaptable architectural approach. The Security area brings innovative capabilities in the following domains: Crisis Management, with the development of powerful emergency response systems to deal with natural disasters, industrial accidents, epidemics and threats posed by international terrorism; Major Events, addressing the major security risk at any large event through a combination of command and control and surveillance and threat detection technologies. The Cyber area covers the capabilities required for detecting, protecting against, and responding to cyber-attacks through integration of proprietary and commercial technologies and systems. All of this capability can be provided as aclient operated installation or increasingly as a service based offering. Among the range of solutions, technologies, systems and sub-systems integration capabilities in the Battlespace, Security and Cyber sectors which Finmeccanica will be presenting at DSEi, AgustaWestland is exhibiting its extensive range of public service and military rotorcraft including, for the first time at the exhibition, the AW159 multirole military helicopter that is now in production for the Royal Navy and British Army. The aircraft on display will be the third production aircraft for the British Army. Sixty two AW159s, to be known as the Lynx Wildcat in UK military service, are now being assembled at AgustaWestland’s Yeovil facility. AgustaWestland will also highlight its advanced training capabilities with the display of an AW139 Virtual Interactive Procedures Trainer (VIPT). This trainer uses advanced graphical visualisation techniques to reproduce the helicopter cockpit, enabling pilots to familiarise themselves with the controls and avionic systems to develop procedural proficiency quickly, efficiently and very cost effectively. Other helicopters showcased include the bestselling AW139 medium twin helicopter, which is ideally suited for law enforcement applications and the all new AW149 multi-role military helicopter. The AW149 is AgustaWestland’s answer to growing demand for a new generation, affordable, multi-purpose medium class helicopter, for military and government applications. For long range naval, maritime and SAR missions AgustaWestland is showing the AW101, almost 200 of which have been sold to 14 customers around the world. The GrandNew, an advanced twin-engine helicopter for public service, law enforcement and advanced training missions and the T129 attack helicopter, will also be on display. For the 11-ton weight category market AgustaWestland is promoting the NH90, a twin engine military helicopter developed in two versions to meet the requirements of naval and tactical transport missions. DRS Technologies will exhibit the ATS-100 Hand-Held Radar Stimulator, a programmable, hand-held RF stimulator unit for testing aircraft radar warning receivers and electro-optical missile warning systems. Also on display the Tamarisk 320 thermal camera. With camera modules weighing as little as 30 grams, occupying less than 30 cubic centimetres, and drawing as little as 750 mW of power, the Tamarisk 320 redefines the compact class of thermal cameras making it the ideal solution for applications constrained by aggressive size, weight and power requirements. The first 320 X 240 VOx micrbolometer of its kind, it combines industry leading 17 m pixel pitch technology with DRS’ patented advanced absorber superstructure to provide greater sensitivity and superior image quality. Also displayed will be the DRS’ JV5 Rugged Vehicle System, an ultra-rugged vehicle computing system, designed to operate in and survive the harshest of environments. The JV-5 offers the user dependable computing performance whenever and wherever it is needed. Equipped with the latest off-the-shelf components, the system is designed to progress with technology. SELEX Galileo will demonstrate how the cutting-edge technologies inside platforms and soldier’s equipment can dramatically enhance capabilities, building forces’ strength from within. The company will be highlighting its platform systems integration expertise around the exhibition with the Observer system featuring in DSEi’s new outdoor exhibition area and the Road Marshall vehicle situation awareness system, which will be integrated onto partner companies demonstration vehicles. SELEX Galileo will also be promoting its range of unmanned aerial systems (UAS), from mini/micro platforms such as the Drako, Crex and ASIO to the new extended-wingspan Falco EVO tactical UAS. The company will launch skyISTAR, an open, multi mission, network integrated ISTAR architecture that integrates on-board sensors seamlessly. SELEX Galileo will also exhibit an established range of advanced situational awareness products including the mission-proven Seaspray 7000E AESA surveillance radar, the compact and lightweight PicoSAR AESA radar, modern thermal imagers such as the Condor II and Mini Colibri and the HYDRA range of unattended ground sensors. For the dismounted soldier, the company will be showing how its Future Soldier range of targeting and vision equipment can boost troop’s chances of mission success. The company will also be promoting its new ACME system, which keeps soldiers out of harms way by turning normal vehicles into remotely operated situational awareness platforms and Nexsense C which provides fast and reliable chemical detection, identification and monitoring capabilities in a portable unit. SELEX Elsag will exhibit its Guardian IED protection, which provides “electronic armour” to security forces against Radio Frequency initiated Remotely Controlled Improvised Explosive Device threats. The company will showcase FrontLine Soldier Radio (FSR), which provides enhanced capability over current Soldier Radios. SELEX Elsag will display Sentinel, which employs Internet Protocol (IP) technology, and its Intelligent Information Dissemination (I2D) product, which intelligently manages information flows around a communications network to maximise efficiency. SELEX Elsag will also show its Naval information management and distribution system with a demonstration of its Maritime Afloat & Reach sustainability (MARS) auxiliary vessel and Royal navy Type 26 frigate communication management solution, comprising a management display screen, PCs and a Tactical Voice Terminal. In addition, on show will be the S3I integrated security and surveillance management system and the Auto-Detector Automatic Number Plate Reader. SELEX Systems Integration will display the Integrated Cyber Shield, an architectural solution conceived with the main purpose of obtaining intrinsically secure systems through a built-in cyber resilient architecture. SELEX Systems Integration will show its Crisis Management System, an advanced solution for the support and coordination of activities and resources during preparedness, response and mitigation phases in case of disasters. The company will also showcase its Combat Management System, which integrates sensors, weapons, tactical data link, navigation systems into a main system which provides the command team with all the applications to carry on the operational tasks and the ship mission required, and KRONOS, a multifunctional C-Band radar equipped with a full solid-state active phased array antenna which counters new generation threats in all kinds of ECM (Electronic Counter Measures) and severe clutter environments.The company will also be displaying a demonstrator of the Forza NEC programme for the digitalisation of the Italian Armed Forces. The system is designed to support peace-keeping and peace-enforcement missions. Another system on show is ANTEO Defence, an advanced solution for critical land infrastructure protection. Flexible and expandable, ANTEO allows users to control, monitor and coordinate, by a single central unit (C2), several heterogeneous systems (radars, E/O sensors, acoustic sensor, manned and unmanned vehicles, effectors, legacy systems) in a simple and efficient way.

London 13/09/2011