Finmeccanica at the "Regioni e Testimonianze d'Italia" exhibition

Today saw the launch, at the Bruno Zevi steps in Valle Giulia, of the "Regioni e Testimonianze d’Italia" (Regions and Testimonies of Italy) exhibition, part of a series of events organised by Roma Capitale to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Italian unification. The exhibition, which runs from 2nd April to 3rd July 2011, will also be staged at the venues used for the 1911 Jubilee in Rome: the Vittoriano Museum Complex, the Palazzo di Giustizia, the Castel Sant'Angelo area and Leonardo Da Vinci Airport, which opened in 1961 on the occasion of the Centenary celebrations. Finmeccanica is delighted to be taking part in the event, with an exhibition space that tells the group’s history, describes its situation today and looks towards a future in which it intends to continue to be a leading player in Italy's development, and to disseminate throughout the world the country’s most prestigious values: high technology, diverse skills and expertise, competitiveness and culture. Finmeccanica’s stand, which covers about 150 sq m, will take visitors on a virtual journey from 1861 through the key events in the history of united Italy, interwoven with the birth and development of the companies that would form its industrial base. The area is organised into three sections – past, present and future – which illustrate the most important stages in Italy’s economic, social and cultural development, highlighting the role in this process of industry, and particularly Finmeccanica, a company that took up the legacy of an illustrious past and used it as a springboard from which to develop into its current size and position as one of the driving forces for the future of Italy. Finmeccanica’s development in many ways parallels that of the nation. It combines companies such as Ansaldo, founded in Genoa in 1853, and Officine Galileo, founded in Florence in 1864. Over time, other brands dating back to the early 20th century were added, such as Oto Melara and San Giorgio in Liguria, Aeronautica d'Italia in Piedmont and Campania, and Agusta, SIAI Marchetti and Neiuport- Macchi in Lombardy. Added to these are many other important names in defence, aeronautics, space and electronics that, from the north to the south of Italy, helped to develop the country, bringing jobs and high technology and at the same time preparing to push the frontiers and respond to the challenges of economic globalisation in the new millennium. Pier Francesco Guarguaglini, Chairman and CEO of Finmeccanica, stressed that "Finmeccanica's presence at the exhibition is not only an occasion for pride and well-earned satisfaction. It is, above all, an opportunity to reflect on the deepest roots of our identity and the reasons for our success. We have inherited a glorious history, and we work hard every day to protect and further develop our country’s wealth of capital, sharing our ideas, experience and high technology with the world. Today, all regions of Italy are contributing to our development: we have production facilities, research centres and skilled personnel right across the country. It is precisely due to this combination of different areas of knowledge, which are now integrated, that we have been able to grow, rising to the challenge of innovation and succeeding, generating strong financial and technological results and becoming, in recent years, a group that is competitive and open to other cultures and new markets.”

Rome 01/04/2011