Italy and France collaborate on sensors for the European UAV

Italy and France collaborate on sensors for the European UAV

Finmeccanica and Thales welcome the signature of the FCAS Arrangement between the United Kingdom and France. Within the UK-French framework, the two companies will cooperate for the development of the multifunction sensor suite and the communication sub-system of the future Anglo-French Unmanned Combat Air System (UCAS).


A two-year feasibility study, expected to be formally contracted before the end of 2014, will see the two companies work collaboratively in a 50/50 split to lay the groundwork for all the sensing systems required for a future UCAS.


In the airborne sensors domain, Finmeccanica and Thales are partners of choice of Ministries of Defence in the UK and France. The agreement will therefore create an unmatched European force in defence electronics, with a broad width of expertise and experience in Manned and Unmanned Aerial Systems technology.


The indisputable European leadership of the two partner companies in this domain is a guarantee that they will provide a fully integrated sensor suite able to meet the emerging customers’ requirements either for Unmanned or for Combat platforms.


The collaboration between the two national champions is articulated in two main streams:

  • Exclusive agreement for UK-French FCAS sensor cooperation;
  • ‘‘PERFECTA” Project for the joint development of a digital backbone for the multifunction sensor.


Farnborough 18/07/2014