Selex ES delivers the new Pier D baggage handling system for Aeroporti di Roma's Leonardo da Vinci International Airport

Selex ES delivers the new Pier D baggage handling system for Aeroporti di Roma's Leonardo da Vinci International Airport

Selex ES, a Finmeccanica company, has delivered a new baggage handling system operating for Pier D, the area devoted to Schengen flights at Leonardo da Vinci airport.


Under the contract, awarded last year by the Aeroporti di Roma (AdR), Selex ES replaced the legacy equipment provided by other suppliers, with a new generation system that includes the upper sorting at Pier D and the induction lines of the bags coming from both the enter matrix, and the lines of storage and manual coding.


The new system comprises a 220 metre MBHS (Multisorting Baggage Handling System) based on cross-belt technology, equipped with 222 load cells and able to sort up to six thousand luggage per hour, six automatic induction lines at 45° and a management and control system.


Hardware and software systems of the existing plant were also modified, integrated or replaced. The changes focused on the computer systems which allow for the exchange of information among airlines, airport operators and the BHS management and control system.


Operational continuity was an important qualifying aspect of the contract, due to the need to keep constantly available those sections of the system which were not undergoing the upgrade, so as not to impact on the normal airport operations. To this end, the system installation was carried out at night allowing the project to be delivered in full compliance with contractual timing and quality standards required.


Selex ES has previously worked alongside the Aeroporti di Roma with the company successfully delivering the Net6000 system for transit baggage handling at Rome-Fiumicino airport. This system has reduced the amount of lost or mishandled luggage by 40%. Selex ES has also delivered the baggage handling and sorting system for Terminal 5 of that same airport.


More recently the company also signed a contract to implement a system of baggage handling at the airport of Grenoble, France, and a similar system has been provided for the Paris –Orly airport, the 2nd largest stopover airport in France, and the 10th in Europe, hosting over 2.7 million passengers each year.


Selex ES is a worldwide leading company with technologies, systems, products and solutions that can meet the growing demand for advanced capabilities in the areas of national security and defence, as well as in the management of complex civil infrastructures and the management of smart and sustainable systems. The technological innovation and the company skills offer airport operators a single interface which can provide both specific systems and integrated solutions able to ensure operational efficiency and enhanced performance as well as reliability, security and continuity of service.


Selex ES solutions meet the needs of air traffic management, baggage handling, security and energy optimization of airport infrastructures.


Rome 27/03/2014 16:00